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  1. This model looks way better in person than on the box or the GW website.
  2. Thanks! I dont have any impulsors and they seem to be hard to get, but I did take some of the your other advice. Here is the new list I realized I could take a battalion since I had 1 already. I would take flame aggressors over boltstorm, but i don't own any. The plan is to blow stuff off side objectives with tanks and inceptors while the katamari ball of marines takes the center and out shoots melee forces while out punching shooting forces(the whole ball can heroic intervene, and ultra marines can pay 2cp for 3 units to overwatch) The tank commanders main
  3. [b]++ Patrol Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adeptus Astartes - Ultramarines) [57 PL, 9CP, 1,055pts] ++[/b] [b]+ Configuration +[/b] [b]**Chapter Selection**:[/b] Bolter Fusillades, Ultramarines Successor, Whirlwind of Rage [b]Battle Size [12CP]:[/b] 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points) [b]Detachment CP[/b] [b]+ Stratagems +[/b] [b]Honoured by Macragge [-1CP][/b] [b]Relics of the Chapter [-1CP]:[/b] Number of Extra Relics [b]+ HQ +[/b] [b]Lieutenants [9 PL, 165pts][/b] . Lieutenant in Reiver Armour: Soldier's Blade . [b]Primaris Lie
  4. Came up with a list that seems fun and avoids having some of the feels bad marine units(eradicators, apothecary), while still being strong. It's supposed to be strong, but not devastating. I'd appreciate feedback to make it... 1. More fun to fight against in a friendly game 2. More feeback on making it more competitive in a more cutthroat environment. I'd like to keep the central theme of infantry marines supporting guard vehicles. List in next post.
  5. Productive week, only 6 more AoS models to go before I have a fully parade painted 1000 pts.
  6. Finished basing some imperial army troopers and the strongest psyker in the imperium.
  7. You can also get intercessors and phobos marines and buy deathwatch upgrades to make another kind of deathwatch troop choice
  8. No, they are a troops choice. The deathwatch version of tactical squad.
  9. Ok. Deathwatch are VERY good. He only wants troops....why? Essentially he can take 5x marines, then add 5x other marines of any type to the same squad (they need to have the same type of armor) then he can combat squad them. For example here is a valid troop choice 5x intercessors 5x outrider bikes Then you combat squad that and you get 5x obsec outriders This works the same with smol marines 5x tactical, 2x bikes, 1x vanguard vet, 2x terminators would be 1 valid troop choice. All of them equipped very generously. If he wants to pl
  10. Drukhari in January. I have a feeling lots of eldar weapons will be dmg 2 to put them on par with space marines.
  11. I kinda want to see how a big knight list like this would play in 9th. I know it wasn't fun in 8th in you weren't prepared, but now there might be some counter play.
  12. Multnomah county is on "pause" this weekend, which is basically a voluntary lockdown. There is nothing happening.
  13. There is a section of the 40k rulebook where abbadon gets his hands on a new primaris rifle and orders more of them. There is also a short story about some traitor primaris, we might see some chaos primaris kits with their new book eventually. Seems easy to make, just upgrade spru's basically, or new heads and shoulder pads.
  14. Bets on the next codex announcement I say grey knights and craft world eldar.
  15. If you think you might want to do chaos I would wait on the codex so you dont plan on stuff you end up not liking, but it will be a while. You could start by playing non-primaris marines of the factions you mentioned, andbthen ifbyou decide to embrace chaos just convert them with spikey bits later. I do also recommend doing your own custom color scheme, much easier to trade out faction abilities to match the game play you end like liking the best.
  16. I feel like you can expect to lose 1 big knight, at best, on your opponents 2nd turn given the current powers of current power of weapons. If you've dealt with this in the past, go nuts. This is of, course, against other competitive builds. Vs less optimized lists I'd guess you can do fine.
  17. I have little experience with pure knights. I assume your plan is to hold 2-3 objectives by just blowing the enemy off stuff.
  18. Are you planning to play competitively? Or friendly games?
  19. Yeah, I'm hopeful that there will be an option to load the heavy bolters with psibolt ammo so it has the same profile.
  20. Boo, my psicannon razorback and doomglaive dread are officially legend. I was hoping they'd be rolled into a new Grey Knight codex.
  21. I'd do whatever chapter you play so you can use it as a cheerleader or proxy as a knight
  22. Always outnumbered...never outgunned!
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