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  1. I got terraforming Mars, steam edition, I have time some fridays
  2. Its TTS, table top simulator, a program for playing games over the computer.
  3. Just because you can get back into the club doesn't mean you can escape a plague
  4. Finished some more demons, spent maybe an hour per model. I emphasized the faces and the bases, those being the areas that I spent the most effort.
  5. Lame, having 1 bad player can wreck an entire afternoon.
  6. Been playing some games vs necrons on TTS, very good matches, very good army now.
  7. I think you may have missed out on dropping prone when shot, you cant stand and charge so it's very hard to get in melee if you just keep getting shot. Shooting is more of a delay than really lethal since the game is more about objectives and surviving than getting kills.
  8. Sounds like a good plan to get 5 vp. Did they fix the 2x characters that were unemployable yet?
  9. I think these points for drukhari take their new codex into consideration since it was supposed to be out now.
  10. A little palette cleanser. Planning to use thus as a necromunda hanger on, the one that sells corpses. This is entirely contrast paint and took well under an hour. I think it looks pretty good, especially for s mini that will likely never be front and center.
  11. Pshaww....back in my day we didn't have all these fancy FACTIONS and UNITS, we had X and we had O and we bloody liked it!
  12. You can still have multiple detachments that only share imperium, chaos etc... just like 8th.
  13. Does that mean it was a sports movie?
  14. Finished all my start collecting slaves to darkness. They came out super well. Fully painted 1070 points
  15. I have every product available for godbound, such an amazing setting and rule set.
  16. The void dragon is a new C'tan shard and looks pretty sick. All the C'tan are very good now though he is the only one with a new model.
  17. I really like the output from that guy, since he a 1 man rpg studio. Check out Godbound. It has excellent kingdom managing mechanics. Also a cool world.
  18. Ugh. Just realized knights cant take assasins without another force.
  19. I might also consider a callidus assassin for your current force. Their ability to harm the enemy cp might make it harder to alpha down a knight, and you could flex her into a culexus if you fight heavy psykers. Not sure what to do with the extra 50 pts.
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