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Spring Escalation League,Week One: March 9th

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i doubt I would take an all ethereal list. but s couple spirit hosts are usually in any list I out together.

Spirit hosts and an unit of Hexwraiths I expect from the Vamps. It was the unit of ten hexwraiths, I thought they were a unit of just undead knights, that made me realize my army wasn't going to be able to handle your list.


But if you bring the same list you will only have one Standard Bearer. :)

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So my Ogres army did arrive today. It wasn't packed well, but most of the models are repairable. Any idea how to get a female maneater head??

The army needs a lot of work, and the army book didn't arrive with it, so I have to figure out how to get one as I can't afford to just go buy it. 







There is a bunch more, but I will save it for a more appropriate forum.

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