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Latest Ork rumors..


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  Hope some of this stuff is true especially the 6+ fnp army wide.


 From BolS


   via Juvieus Kaine 3-20-2014

Still have the Mob and Furious Charge rules
Orks now have 6+ FNP
Each unit now has Waaagh! points
Waaagh! charge now per unit, not per army.
Sluggas generate 1 Waaagh! point for each turn in combat
Shootas generate 1 point for each unit kill with shooting
Waaagh points also generated from every 3 units of 10+ models (unsure of this one)
Mega Armour now has Deepstrike rule

Unit gets 2pts cheaper and weapons are now upgrades.
Choppas are AP6. +1str AP4 on charge. Cost 1pt each
Shootas cost 2pts each
Big Choppas now +2str AP4. AP3 on charge

Deffguns are now options
Unit is now cheaper and has more options for weapons
Gains new rule: Loot
- If in base-to-base contact with a destroyed vehicle, they can fire one of its weapons. Not clarified if per turn or per game.

Flash Gitz
Weapons now have random range instead of random AP
New range is 12 + 3D6”. Triple 1 on range causes Overheat
Weapon upgrade options include +1Bs, +1 Attack, Blast, Skyfire

Can now assault Fliers
Must move 18” on movement if charging a flier

Whole bunch of Grot units, including Grot Buggies, Whirlybirds, Rokkits and Snotlings
Grot Boss unit – has same stats as an Ork Boy with +1Bs

Now separate from Grots
Units of up to 20, 2pts per model
Has an upgrade called Control Collars: basically, bomb collars that explode when the unit fails Leadership. Think alternative for Runtherders

Now have a warp powers table; either Divination, Gork or Mork
Use Waaagh! points for powers
Waaagh points also contribute to Weirdboy’s death. When he dies, casts "Eadbanga" on himself. More points means bigger and more powerful explosions

Bomb squigs now can be taken as units
Includes more options. Can have upgrades for more powerful explosions or melta

Due to Waaagh! changes, Ghaz has 3 Waaaghs! Not sure if armywide or distributed to units
Killa Kanz to Elites – may require Grot boss

New unit of Warlord Nobz, can be taken as HQ. One Nob is the Warlord. On death, another Nob is the Warlord. Must kill entire unit for the kill
Possible mek tanks with upgrades
- Upgrades including a KFF and a SAG that shoots bomb squigs – if they miss you place a bomb squig
SAG and Flakk guns might be taken as Big Gunz unit
Halftrakk unit called Gutripper
Multi-wound Squiggoth-like beast

Goffs and Blood Axes first
Blood Axes can allow Kommandos as troops and can ally with Guardsmen

Snapfit mekboy and weirdboy?
Deffkopta kit
Cybork body parts box
Combi Flash Gitz/Tankbustas box


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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I think it will be a great dec, this just reads as wishlisting. There will likely be lots of random tables making the horde option that much more slower to play

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Be very wary of these. As I told JK on Dakka, these rumors look to be an amalgamation of recycled rumors from the last year or two. Whether that lends credibility or denies it is something else.

  For sure it is...compare it to the other ones in the roundup thread at BolS and it reads like a final compilation.


 Anyhow some of it certainly looks plausible like the Gretchin/Grot units,they seem fun and all but probably not really competitive.The changes to Flash Gits are probably stretching it but reall ,even if they just left them the same and moved them to elites and or at least gave them dedicated Looted wagons would be a huge improvement.


  As far as Storm Boyz attacking flyers I don't see that being all that effective  and should be extra risky.However it is indeed VERY Orky!


  The thing im most hoping for is the 6+fnp rule..ive always thought that since overwatch was added to the game that Orks should get 6+ fnp when they announce a charge and have it last till the end of the current player turn just as somewhat of a compensation for the Ball-shot they took for the overwatch rule.It sounds a bit of a stretch to give the whole army fnp all the time but iill be glad to have it!

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I think waagh point system might be where fnp is coming from. That is if there is any truth to either rumors.


I do hope for extra random tables. I also look forward to more ork players


A titan death when a weirding does would be very cool.

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I just hope for some mechanic that lets them complete charges, like overwatch casualties are removed from the back or something or other.

Are you really having trouble on that end? Against TAU, I see it, but most of the time my marines/IG do very little damage to anything with the overwatch shooting.

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You run MSU-ish IG as I recall, Pax. Against Blob Guard, especially with Divination support, the Overwatch can be absolutely brutal. We're often talking 60+ shots with re-rolls. Possibly with a big side of automatic hits from Flamers. Taking 8-10 Boyz off the front of the Charge is definitely doable.

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