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BSB on Chariots

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Depends? Are you looking for absolute best competitive choice?

If so, avoid the chariot BSB (excluding WOC)

If you are playing casual, go for it.

Remember he can very quickly get left.behind due to no marching or eating a cannon ball .


CoC BSB I'd dare say is more of a only for funsies choice due to stupidity and lack of march in am other wise fast force.

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While I love the idea of a BSB, or any character for that matter, on a chariot.  I don't think it's worth the risk.  No marching, war machine heaven, and all your opponent hopes to do is shoot the chariot from under him.  At that point, the character is usually out of position, or you have been slowing playing for the BSB re-roll.


If you do want to run a character on a chariot, I would just suggest a master and not your bsb.

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Ill run an orc big boss in a chariot at times and with marginal success.


I think bsbs are better suited in a large block of troops with the same troop type and a champion to get all the benefits of LOS and a challenger to save their ass for a round. 


BSBs are just so important in this game that you are just asking for attention when you put one in the open like that. I agree with MN that a simple master with a cool magic weapon or something would be better. 

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Chariots are the ultimate in protection for small infantry units in an infantry MSU list.

They are high risk, high reward unit.

Yep, ran one in in my first MSU list last week but my infantry and chariot didn't really get much combat. My opponent didn't fall flr my pincer move but his units couldn't weather my range attacks so my Kharibdyss saw the most CC. But I want to get two chariots on the field sometime soon becuase their support charges turns the CR into my favor for the first round and their stats are fantastic. But need to run them close to the BSB for the rerolls to their stupidity rolls.
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Murphy, I'd have to know what other units you are taking in your MSU. Knowing that might help in suggestions for your bsb option.

Right now it is BG, Dark Riders, Dark Shards, Warlocks, Kharibdyss, chariot and RBT. Also a Darkstar lvl 4.


As points build to 2000 I would like 2 chariots, Warlocks, Kharibdyss (So far my games with him have been good but I have not had many of them.) the other units can be switched in and out for different strategies. I have thought of running a CoK unit with a Character in it. (BSB or General.)

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