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Posted 09/04/2018

Forge World Preview: I Am Alpharius


Of all the Primarchs, none excel so much at subterfuge as Alpharius, but today, we’re able to uncover this mysterious master of the Alpha Legion. We got a sneak peek of Alpharius at the Horus Heresy and Necromunda weekender, but now, it’s time for all to be revealed – at least, as much as anything can be with the Alpha Legion:


While Alpharius is known for his variety of disguises and love of deception, this rendition of Alpharius portrays him in his full panoply of war, and fits perfectly with any Alpha Legion units you already have. Unlike all other Primarchs, he’s been depicted with his helmet on – for all we know, there could just be a particularly talented legionnaire in there while Alpharius hides in one of your Tactical Squads


Alpharius will be available on general release soon, but those of you looking to seize the initiative and strike first will be able to grab him at Warhammer Fest.

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2 minutes ago, generalripphook said:

I hope he has cool rules. 

His Rules have been out for a while, and yeah, they're pretty cool. He's not much of a beatstick by Primarch standards, but he's got some great buffs for his Army and some fun sneaky tricks. Perhaps most notably, he can hide in one of his Units disguised as a regular trooper, and he messes with enemy Reserves, being able to bring one of his own Units on in place of an enemy one sometimes.

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Hot on the heels of the exciting reveal of Alpharius, we’re excited to announce that another long-awaited Alpha Legion unit is being brought to life soon – the Lernaean Terminators.

Lernaean Terminators are the elite of the Alpha Legion; while the Headhunter Kill Teams assassinate enemy command elements at range, their Terminator-armoured brethren shatter enemy lines in brutal close-assaults. Armed with power axes, they’re ideal for carving through other armoured units, while their Volkite Chargers make them effective against massed infantry too!

The Lernaean Terminators kit is perfect for making a worthy bodyguard for Alpharius, and has a range of tactical roles in your Alpha Legion army. It also features a Terminator-mounted conversion beamer – a rare weapon that transforms the squad into a long-ranged firebase! Even if you don’t use this weapon on your squad, it’s ideal for converting a Master of the Forge in Terminator armour.


That’s not all – Forge World will also be releasing another set of vehicle doors, designed to allow you to customise nearly any vehicle in your army – from Deimos Pattern Rhinos to the Thunderhawk itself – with the heraldry of the XXth.

FWPreview-Apr16-AlphaLegionDeimosDoors02eu.jpg FWPreview-Apr16-AlphaLegionLandRaiderDoors03st.jpg FWPreview-Apr16-AlphaLegionRhinoDoors04ev.jpg

These Alpha Legion elites will be available when Alpharius goes on general release – if you’re inspired to start an Alpha Legion army to use them with, why not start with a Headhunter Kill Team from Forge World?

The post Coming Soon: Lernaean Terminators appeared first on Warhammer Community.

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On 4/11/2018 at 11:30 AM, PourSpelur said:

I dig how he's stabbing that Marine in the back.

But at the same time, that Marine is cowardly crawling away from the enemy. A space wolf that flees the enemy before them is definitely the runt of the litter. Almost a mercy killing.

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On 4/17/2018 at 2:06 AM, paxmiles said:

But at the same time, that Marine is cowardly crawling away from the enemy. A space wolf that flees the enemy before them is definitely the runt of the litter. Almost a mercy killing.

He’s reaching for his axe, we already covered this...

Oh his mjod.



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The release of a new Primarch for the Horus Heresy Character Series is always a momentous occasion, especially for fans of their personal Legion. But for those of you not already entangled in the labyrinthine schemes of the XX Legion, who exactly is this hydra-headed anti-hero? Here’s a quick guide…



That’s right, while the discovery and reintegration of many Primarchs into the Imperial fold during the Great Crusade are the stuff of legends, records of Alpharius’ discovery are lacking in some detail – that is to say, any detail. The only thing we’re pretty sure on is that Horus found him first, later in the crusade than most of his brothers and that he spent some time with the would-be Warmaster before reuniting with his father. Of all his brothers, Alpharius was closest to Horus, and when the heresy came, the Alpha Legion sided with the traitors.*



While many of the Primarchs favour the purity of direct warfare, glorious single combat, or brute force, Alpharius is a more subtle commander. His go-to tactics are subterfuge, intelligence and covert operations – each of which he and his Legion excel in – by the time you know you’re fighting the Alpha Legion, you’ve already lost.



Get ready to have your mind blown, because Alpharius is not one Primarch, but two!

Ok, so most folk familiar with the Alpha Legion by this point probably knew that already, but it’s a pretty big deal – Alpharius, and his identical brother, Omegon, are the only twins in the Primarch brotherhood – a truth they keep jealousy hidden from most within their Legion, and all outside of it.


Both brothers pose, when necessary, as “Alpharius the Primarch”, as well as passing as a mere legionary in the ranks when the situation demands it. Moreover, other non-Primarch legionaries often pose as Alpharius in both war and diplomacy, so that the real identity and whereabouts of their Primarch is always in doubt.


The rules to use Alpharius in the Age of Darkness games are very characterful.

His statline is as you would expect of a Primarch – lots of 6s and 7s, with a bucketload of wargear and special rules.

Where he really comes into his own, though, is with the One of Many rule, which basically allows Alpharius to pose as a standard legionary in your army until such a time as you wish to reveal him. This is not only very thematic but pretty handy for getting your valuable Primarch across the battlefield without the enemy being confident of what to be shooting at to stop him. This becomes even more effective when you factor in Mutable Tactics, a Legion ability that can give to your ENTIRE Alpha Legion army access to the Infiltrate or Scout special rules!


When he is ready to reveal his true identity, the fun really starts – clad in his trademark armour, the Pythian Scales, Alpharius is every inch a Primarch (except when he isn’t). As such, he’s naturally a combat monster, and with a tasty AP1, Armourbane, and an Instant Death close combat weapon, there’s very little he can’t handle – though he particularly excels at slicing up elite infantry, Mechanicum automata and characters. And the icing on the multi-headed cake is that, while he’s on the table, your whole army benefits from Preferred Enemy.

If you have an Alpha Legion army, it would be wrong not to include him. Unless… maybe, he’s already there.

* There might have been more to Alpharius’ decision than that. We won’t spoil it here though – find some answers in Horus Heresy: Legion.

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