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Infinity Escalation League


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Hey guys! Many of you have heard me talking about an infinity league for a while now and I'm finally getting it going.

Dark Tower will be providing prize support so we will be using their new official league structure. There will be an entry fee of $25 spent in store to participate in the league. This can be on anything such as a board game, infinity products or even just a gift card that you can buy snacks and drinks with.

There will be prizes awarded to:

Best Overall

Favorite Opponent

Best painted non TAG miniature.

The league will start on Tuesday, August 28th and end on October 2nd. There will be a prize for best general, and anyone that has a fully painted 300pt force at the end of the league will be entered into a prize drawing. Anyone who plays all 6 games will receive a free random miniature at the end.

This is also a great lead up to Emerald City Incursion Mk. II. This is a tournament down in Seattle on November 10th and 11th hosted by our very own Andy. He can supply better details as the date approaches.

Week 1 Mission: Annihilation. 150 point lists, limited insertion, no fire teams, no hackers, no command tokens

Week 2 Mission: Firefight. 200 point lists, limited insertion, no fire teams, no hackers, no command tokens

Week 3 Mission: Frontline. 250 point lists, limited insertion, no hackers

Week 4 Mission: Supremacy. 300 point lists, limited insertion

Week 5 Mission: Transmission Matrix. 300 point lists

Week 6 Mission: Supplies. 300 point lists

The first 4 weeks of the league include the limited insertion extra. This rule limits your force to 1 combat group which means that you can have no more than 10 models in your force. In the final 2 weeks this restriction is lifted. 

Also keep in mind that at 150pts you are limited to 3 SWC, 200pts you are limited to 4 SWC, 250pts you are limited to 5 SWC and at 300pts 6 SWC.

The rules are all free online and you will need to download the ITS season 9 missions. Any rules documents that you need can be found at 


The website also has a handy army builder that works on mobile devices. 


A helpful website listing the available hacking programs.


I look forward to seeing everyone's space dudes shoot each other in the face.

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I am new to Infinity and very interested playing in this league. I was excited to hear about an "escalation" league, as it would let me build my force week by week (letting me learn the game and my units better). But this post shows that the first game would be 200 points right out of the gate, and then that jumps directly to 300 points in the third game. That seems strange to me as I thought it would build gradually week by week.

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I am of the opinion that the game doesn't play too well below 200. However we could start at 150 and increase by 50 each week. Part of the escalation part is the missions that escalate in complexity and the ability to eventually take more than 10 troopers. But as I said we could decrease points. If you feel you would benefit more from it. This campaign is designed for people like you to get acquainted with the game so I would rather do what you would prefer.

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At 150 the games will be pretty swingy and "balance" kinda gets thrown out the window as you can't really afford to bring counters to a number of common problems. 

150 games can definitely be useful for learning the mechanics if you're brand new though. 

I don't mind either way, I'm here to teach and show you guys how awesome this game is!

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Perhaps we could do the first week at 150 then 200 then up to either 250 or 300. Or I could run a bit of a boot camp the week or two before the league starts for newer players to get up to speed on the rules. I think I will slowly introduce concepts throughout the league as well.

What sounds good to you?

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On 8/1/2018 at 3:57 PM, JMGraham said:

I’m in! I’ll be rocking my Nomads, because:

a. Nomads are the best.

b. My Nomads are all painted.

c. I only have Nomads.

d. Space Apes and other non-Nomads are literally garbage.

e. All of the above.

Jim, you should check out the sweet, sweet new units available in Army and the new Tunguska starter.  The Tungusk Sectorial is amazeballs, and Nomads got so much fun stuff.  Like a motorcycle that keeps driving and fighting after it's pilot dismounts, a dude who puppet-masters up to three robots at once, and Mary Problems, the Tactical Uber-hacker.   So fun. ANd look at these badasses in their suits and ties.  Miniatures.jpg

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Also, the Kriza Borac HMG is the Gunfighter that was Promised. When something needs to die, accept no substitutes.  I take this guy over an Intruder (though it's a decision for sure).

And the Securitate are for sure the best dressed line troops in the game.


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