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FREE Stand-by tickets to the Rose City Raid!


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Hey everyone!

As the Rose City Raid nears, we have expended the wait list, so any more drops will mean we have less than 40 players. While it's possible that nobody else will drop, there is a non-zero chance that we will end up with an odd number of players. That's where you come in!

I have 40 swag bags that I want to get rid of, as well as tons of other prizes. It's already bought and paid for, so if anyone wants to show up to the Rose City Raid, day of the event, and play stand-by, your ticket will be FREE, and you'll be fully eligible for prizes, and will receive the exclusive mini, just like any other player.

I can't guarantee anyone will get in, but if we have 37 registered players show up, and 3 players on stand-by, I'll get all of them in. If we have 37 show up and 2 on stand-by, then only one of you will get to play, since ultimately the goal is to have an even player count.

Worst case scenario you can still check out the event, drink beers, and hang out with fellow Infinity players. 

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