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TableTop Simulator / Vassal ??'s


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Does anyone use or have tried TableTop Simulator or tried Vassal for war-games?  I have a friend whom lives in another state and we play Armada when he is in town.  We would also play other table top games as well over the internet when time allowed.  

Can anyone give me a review or gamer opinion on either or both of them?  Looking at TableTop Simulator more than Vassal - but either could be solutions.  I have no experience with them so hoping someone here has some insight.



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hmmm I am looking mostly to play non-gw games with my friend from New Mexico - currently Armada - but it could branch out.  I was thinking at 20$ or less TableTop Sim may be worth the try.  I will look for me how to vids - to see what kinda education I will need to undertake before buying though.  Thanks!



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I played my first game of Malifaux 3E on Vassal last night and it was amazing. I highly recommend. 

If you know the rules of the game you are playing, vassal merely just takes time to learn how to move the icons and set information on them. Other than that its pretty basic bare bones stuff. 

If anyone is looking to play a game of M3E via Vassal LMK, I'd be down! 

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