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Warriors of Moustache - UPDATE 3/25/15

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Cobbled together this Hell Cannon alternative for my Empire-using-Warriors-of-Chaos army. still work-in-process.  The top cannon battery isn't glued on so I can paint the inside easier.  Still rough and parts are a little crooked, but close enough for government work.


Sorry for the bad cellphone pics and lighting








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that is insane! have you done any other work on the army or is this the first peace?


Now that this exists, there can be no peace. Only WAR!!!!


Epic, epic work. I'm really glad you seem to continuously sell your Empire, only to buy more Empire and build even more epic and awesome things. Stunning!

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Thanks for the compliments guys!  My secret is to never let quality of work stand in the way of ambition! Most things I'm just throwing together and hoping no one get a real close look at   :smile: .  Think I posted this before, but here's my War Shrine and you can see the Skullcrushers (swans) in the back.



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Sherbert - this is just part of my larger army.  I'm running Warriors of Chaos but with an Empire twist.  Just because I love Empire's style but didn't feel like painting the same old state troops and knights again.  Plus,  it opens up new models to me (G-I-A-N-T! and Ogres!) and forces me to be better in the movement phase and rely less on artillery.  Save for this bad boy, of course.


Start121 - found it at Hobby Town.  Wild West Creations Cart.  Couldn't find them online though, cost $14.00 for the kit.

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Got some basecoats down.  Not sure what to do with the wheels - paint them all steel or add some gold to balance them out?  Or keep the spokes wooden and the rims steel?


Also, how about the skeleton-monk's robes?  Brown is okay, but what about red?  I'm not the best at painting red but I think it would break it up a bit.  The rest of my army is blue / white.




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Rather than buying the GW Chaos Warrior Halberd arms, I opted for some simple (and cheaper) conversions using Lead Adventure's halberds.  They come sixteen to a blister and, while the metal is a little soft, the smooth shafts work well for this weapon swap.  After clipping off the hand weapon, I drilled a hole through the middle of each warrior's fist, snipped off the little bit at the bottom of he halberd and slid it right through.  Str 5 here we come.




They're not as imposing as the GW ones, but also not as chaosy.  I like the different selection of heads and think they work nicely.  Need some inking and highlighting to finish the job.

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Been working on the army to get it Sparkly Party ready - added a couple new models to the mix and finished up some others.  Coming along nicely, performing more effectively than before.




The Swan Boat (Sorceress of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch)




Gorebeast Chariot




Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch on Warshrine of Tzeentch




Hellcannon Crew



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