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Rosenstadt Rumble - Two Saturday Blood Bowl tournament

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  1. @Weav *Roster Received & Approved - Dwarf
  2. @jollyork *Roster Received & Approved - Underworld Denizens
  3. @kb10r  *Roster Received & Approved - Dwarf
  4. @Maxwell Christian *Roster Received & Approved - Lizardmen
  5. @Patriarch of Sigmar *Roster Received & Approved - Human
  6. @Nick Vice *Roster Received & Approved - Amazon
  7. @Keith Amberg *Roster Received & Approved - Dark Elf
  8. @Eric Paulsen *Roster Received & Approved - Chaos Dwarf


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16 minutes ago, Frostitute said:

I just got jebaited into me not reading a four game tournament over two different weekends. I thought the tournament was going to be 3 and 3 games.

I love posting this S|-|it. Keep the money. I'm out.

That's a shame, sorry you're unable to make it

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