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Rosenstadt Rumble - Two Saturday Blood Bowl tournament

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  1. @Weav *Roster Received & Approved - Dwarf
  2. @jollyork *Roster Received & Approved - Underworld Denizens
  3. @kb10r  *Roster Received & Approved - Dwarf
  4. @Maxwell Christian *Roster Received & Approved - Lizardmen
  5. @Patriarch of Sigmar *Roster Received & Approved - Human
  6. @Nick Vice *Roster Received & Approved - Amazon
  7. @Keith Amberg *Roster Received & Approved - Dark Elf
  8. @Eric Paulsen *Roster Received & Approved - Chaos Dwarf


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16 minutes ago, Frostitute said:

I just got jebaited into me not reading a four game tournament over two different weekends. I thought the tournament was going to be 3 and 3 games.

I love posting this S|-|it. Keep the money. I'm out.

That's a shame, sorry you're unable to make it

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17 hours ago, Amado said:

Wish I could come, but this is a crazy month for us and I can't quite swing it. I'll be keeping a close eye out for the next tournament!

Darn, it would have been great to have you. I think we are going to be doing more Saturday stuff as things open back up. 

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Welcome to the RUMBLE!

Hey folks! a quick update from the Rosenstadt Rumble now that day one is complete. As a TO who is playing in the event, it's too difficult and time consuming to update Ordo and Facebook, so I thought I'd take a quick moment now to do so. 

After two games, here are the standings (W/D/L):

  1. Underspire Filth @jollyork - Underworld Denizens, 1-1-0 62 tournament points
  2. Karak Varn Slayers @kb10r - Dwarfs 1-1-0 53 tournament points
  3. Karaz-a City Chiefs @Weav - Dwarfs, 1-1-0 48 tournament points
  4. Dirty Miners @Eric Paulsen - Chaos Dwarfs, 0-2-0 29 tournament points
  5. Self Descriptive Delfs @Keith Amberg - Dark Elves, 0-2-0 25 tournament points
  6. Seattle Mist @Nick Vice - Amazons, 0-1-1 18 tournament points
  7. Newport Nicks @Patriarch of Sigmar - Humans, 0-1-1 17 tournament points
  8. Limp Lizards @Maxwell Christian - Lizardmen, 0-1-1 12 tournament points

Tournament points are 30 for a win, 10 for a draw, and zero for a loss; two points for each TD scored, and one for each casualty

IMO, the story of the event so far is Star Players! Every team except the Self Descriptive Delfs brought at least one Star, and in one case, two! Both Dwarf teams and the Humans took advantage of their Old World Classic special rule, and induced Griff Oberwald. Griff's reduce cost makes him much more attainable than he was in the previous edition. Plus, Griff brings to a Dwarf team nearly everything they lack. Interestingly, @jollyork brought Varag Ghoul-Chewer, an interesting choice for Underworld. Clearly something is working as the Filth lead the event in tournament points, TDs scored, and casualties inflicted...wow! The Dirty Miners took Grim Ironjaw, who seems to be much better on a Chaos Dwarf team then he is on a Dwarf team. The Amazons grabbed Zug and Karla von Kill, while the Lizardmen included Helmut Wolf...stay away from that chainsaw!

The most interesting team build goes to @Patriarch of Sigmar who purchased a random primary skill on each of his standard players. Per tournament rules, the Nicks' players rolled their random skills to begin he tournament and would keep them throughout the entire event, all four games. I do not have the entire list of skills in front of me, but I do recall some Grab, and generally a less-than-useful mix across the twelve players.  

Round one saw all four games end in a draw. Underspire Filth played Seattle Mist to a 2-2 draw, the Dirty Miners drew 0-0 with the Chiefs, the Delfs drew 1-1 with the Slayers, and the Limp Lizards drew 1-1 with the Nicks. Round two saw some actual wins, as the Chiefs defeated the Mist surprisingly 2-0. In this game, the Star Players helped one team win, while the dice made sure the other team's stars were ineffective. The Filth defeated the Nicks by 4-0, putting a crush on the Humans. Luckily, @Patriarch of Sigmar has a terrific attitude, and smiled as much as he could. On the last Drive, he was only able to field three players (one being Griff) due to injuries and heat exhaustion. The Slayers manhandled the Lizardmen 3-0, inflicting five casualties, and the only draw of the round saw the Delfs and the Miners play to a 1-1 draw. In that game, the Miners did manage to casualty five Dark Elves, helping their side secure the draw.

That's it, another update will come after day two on 4/24/2021. 


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The dust has settle on the RUMBLE! after two more games today, the field was cleared and @jollyork's Underworld Denizens team Underspire Filth was crowed the Rosenstadt Rumble champion! @jollyorkseems to have cracked the code on the unholy Skaven/Goblin alliance team, as he also recently won his most recent league with Underworld. Jolly went 2-1-1(W/D/L) and accumulated a ridiculous amount of extra tournament points along the way. Coming in second was @Keith Amberg's Dark Elf team, Self-Decriptive Delfs who actually defeated the Filth in the final game, but couldn't over come the gulf in tournament points from Underspire's many touchdowns scored and casualties inflicted. Here are the final standings (W/D/L):

  1. Underspire Filth - @jollyork (Underworld Denizens, 106 tournament points) 2-1-1
  2. Self-Descriptive Delfs - @Keith Amberg (Dark Elf, 100 tournament points) 2-2-0
  3. Karak-Varn Slayers - @kb10r (Dwarf, 89 tournament points) 2-1-1
  4. Karaz-a City Chiefs - @Weav (Dwarf, 85 tournament points) 2-1-1
  5. Dirty Miners - @Eric Paulsen (Chaos Dwarf, 62 tournament points) 1-2-1
  6. Seattle Mist - @Nick Vice/@Burk (Amazon, 52 tournament points) 1-1-2
  7. Limp Lizards - @Maxwell Christian (Lizardmen, 50 tournament points) 1-1-2
  8. Newport Nicks - @Patriarch of Sigmar (Human, 17 tournament points) 0-1-3

Champion: Underspire Filth (106 tournament points)
Best Offense: Karak-Varn Slayers (7 touchdowns scored)
Best Defense: Self-Descriptive Delfs (3 touchdowns against)
Most Brutal: Seattle Mist (10 casualties casued)

The purpose of the Rosenstadt Rumble was to test out the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition rules in a tournament setting. Now that we are done, I definitely see some room for changes. As the tournament organizer, I think the set choice of SPPs regardless of race or tier may be something I would change in the future. When you run a simple build like this, you do run the risk of attracting any top tier teams, which is clear with six of the eight races being considered tier one in BB16. Also, the scoring probably favored fast and brutal teams too much, with the Filth capturing 36 tournament points off of just bonuses; that's worth more than an entire win (30 points). Everyone could have taken fast teams and tried to run up the score, but only JollyOrk's Underworld were really able to do so. Congrats to the Filth, and thank you to all the coaches that participated!!

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