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Summer of the Artificier JULY Progress Thread


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For July, I am working on a piece of a much larger goal which is to complete my projects before I buy more minis. So far I have stayed pretty rigid to this. The exception to this may be if I can finish an army or warband with a single additional purchase.

So to begin I have five Underwolds boxes that I would like to paint as the basis for Warcry warbands. I have to complete painting all of them before I buy any boxes to build them out.

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I moved back in April and built up a small pile of shame. For July, I'm working down my backlog:

  • 5-man Intercessor squad
  • 5-man Incursor squad
  • the Vanguard Box
  • 2, 3-man Outrider squads
  • 1 ATV
  • 1 tech priest
  • the old start-collecting Mechanicus box

First up on the bottles is the Incursor squad. Got to get a 40k force together by the time my new LGS starts game nights again.


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So I had mild success initially with my June challenge, though I ended up getting side tracked. So for July I'm looking:

-Finish my 2nd and 3rd Obliterators for my Emperor's Children (which was one of June's distractions)
-Finish my Anointed for my Infernal Dwarves (didn't finish from last month)
-Finish my Frostlord on Stonehorn (another June distraction)

I also have a pile of Sisters that I need to get assembled at some point, though it's a lower priority.





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