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Tuesday 10/7


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Loren, I'm still down for some pew pews bit I'm going to the same concert Sherbert keeps using as an excuse. Doors are at 8 but we should be done in plenty of time.


Russ, Greyson offers apologies, he's gonna be out of state this week for work. He's hoping to have me reschedule soon...

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NAT RANNER! GONNAS STEAL JIMS SECRET PLANS!!!aaand noonecaresyou're all at some metal show.


James I just got a shedload of board games in the post blox, you have your pick of follow-up:

1) More Netrunner (this is the right answer, I have no idea how these other things work)

2) In the Shadow of the Emperor (Roman Court Intrigues!)

3) Yspahan (Iranian camel/carpet trading!  I don't f'n know man, I just buy things.)

4) Seriously, more Netrunner

5) Early beer.

6) Lookit that thing, it's seriously spelled "Yspahan".


Nathan, are you coming out?  Are you well-slept?

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Yeah, I'm actually gonna make it out, I think, but I am not well slept, so I will be extra grumpy, fair warning.



Warning received at 1:07 am.  You better take as well as you give, son.


Note: I am not staying up for your 3AM retort.  Just leave your Infinity lists on my desk. My stamp is stuck on "Approved!"



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