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Dragon Age: Inquisition


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The game doesn't upload your choices per say.  There is an app like program called Dragons Age: Keep. This allows you to upload your saves then make changes to your choices or keep them.  It then creates a file that creates a default world state. Dialog sometimes references certain choices that were made. But so far I have not ran into anything in quest or significant that makes a difference from my previous game plays. From other reviews it seems not to change the game.



I have not finished the game yet. 30 hours in so far. Where to begin. If you read Metacritic for reviews. The 5.5 is fair. People hating and giving 0's have legit reasons to hate the game. People that love the game and give it 10's have legit reasons.I would give it a 8.5. This game has problems and I hope people listen to my warnings.


Do not buy this for PC.

1.Unless you have a game pad. The game was and is glaringly programmed for the consoles. The M+K setup is atrocious.

2. If you have the Minimum system requirements. Even people with power gaming machines are having problems. Me included(i5-3570K @ 3.4GHz 8.0GB RAM GeForce GTS 450 Win8.1). I only have problems on the menu screen it freezes in three different spots. Before I push start, after i hit start and sync's with EA servers, and during selecting any menu option. Anything after starting or loading the game I have never crashed nor froze.


If you expect DA:O.

Anything that was better then DA:O right? Your not getting it. It is better then DA:2. It isn't better then DA:O. This is where I kinda need to step back and say. DA:O is an amazing game, a great rpg and had awesome tactical combat.  This game isn't DA:O though. If your a hard core fan of DA:O you will not like this game.  If you are to like this game. You have to come at it like you never played DA:O. Your best bet is to imagine you read the Novel. Choose your own Adventure presents: Dragon Age Origins.

It is horrible stripped of things that made DA:O great.

1. Less skills.

2. Less skill categories: Battlemage, Blood mage, Bezerker, Spirit Healer. more I cant remember.

3. There is no healing spells. You drink a potion.

4. No Evil path. More of an emotional response to dialog choices. With no apparent repercussions.

5. Tactical combat is lacking in every way. The camera doesn't even zoom out enough. Pause. Only one choice of action. Then unpause. Action. Pause. Next action. You cant even select more then one companion to give orders.

6. No auto attack. You need to hold down the mouse button to continue attacking.

7. No auto path. You need to walk up to or be standing next to items to pick up and or Hit enemies. This is frustrating since many enemies have slam skills. You get thrown 10 feet and have to manually run up to enemy.

8. Combat is closer to DA2. Button smashing with combos. Not a negative for me. But nothing like DA:O

9. To many fetch quests.


What I liked

The game as best as I can describe it; A Kingdom of Amalur modded with the Dragon Age Lore. If you haven't played KoA. KoA is Skyrim lite. If you haven't played Skyrim your not reading this post. DA:Inquisition is a huge game. The characters from previous games are here. Not all. But most. Either playable or are your advisors. Nine companions to choose from to form a four man/woman squad. The dialogs are great. If you haven't played the previous games. Many of the books and dialogs fill you in with the history. Graphically the environments are amazing. The crafting system is very intuitive. Cut scenes are top notch.  The game starts slow and when I say slow I mean.  Many of the games areas are large and have many side quests. If you decide to do the side quests first and don't push the main storyline it can take 15 hours before anything happens. Leveling up is also slow. Not a negative for me. If anyone tries this game. Do and I mean do give it some time. It will pay off in the end. I got more positives I'm just tired of writing.


To sum it up.  This is a stand alone great Dragon Age game. But and there has to be a but. It is not the successor of DA:O you might of been looking for.

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Its up on sale at Origin for 33% off so I picked it up.


Im on PC ,actually a cheapo IBM(Lenova) pc about a year old.I did a PS and GPU upgrade though(Gforce 760 if I rem right) and it runs quite well.


So far im enjoying it,reminds me a lot of Skyrim only this time you have your whole party to gear and setup for tactics.


Never quite finished Origins as I got a bit annoyed with all the micromanaging needed..hopefully I can finish this one.

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Finally got a copy of this game for ps4. 3/5 stars. I like it, but it really isn't special. It plays like a mass effect clone. That said, given the lack of other RPGs for the ps4 at present, I am enjoying myself.


That said, https://dragonagekeep.com/en_US/ has an interesting option where you can create a past for your world, instead of using the default one. I'm on my second play through, and I did a custom world where I pick almost every negative choice for the past 2 games. It really is a different setting. Really cuts down on the boredom from replaying a mostly linear campaign.


Apparently there is some pay-to-play multiple player version of this via mods, but I haven't looked into it yet.

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I don't see DA:I as being a Mass Effect clone much. Sure, there are similarities (same company made them, after all), but DA:I offers you a lot more freedom than the ME games did. At least for me, it felt more 'open world'. Of all 3 ME games and all 3 DA games, DA:I is by far the most 'different' out of the six.


And I won't even rant about ME3's ending, which still pisses me off to this day.... and I can't fathom why I am actually playing ME3 again as we speak (Finished 1 and 2 again in July). Guess maybe I am just seeing if I missed anything the first time around. LOL.I probably shouldn't have. I finished DA:I in May, and was on such a 'Bioware high', I jumped right back into ME1, and it's been a pretty 'meh' experience.


But usually I really get into Bioware's stories. For me, that's a huge draw at this stage in my life, if I am going to be investing tons of time in a game, it has to do more than just look pretty, more than offer mindless killing like most FPS games do. I think Inquisition does that pretty well, and the voice-acting and story are, as usual, pretty good. And for me, DA:I was an enormous upgrade over DA2 in just about every department.


For me, DA:I is a 4.5/5. Skyrim is still my bar (5/5), but as usual, everyone has different tastes. :)

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yea i played DA:I on xbox one.  i got bored of it about 3/4 through for some reason thats kinda a theme for me :(  never could kill a dragon HARUMPH!

Lol...I figured out that the game allows you to "revive" your entire party if you run away enough from the dragon, so i managed to slay that dragon in the hinterlands at a very low level on nightmare difficulty. Lose 3 party members, run away, revive automatically, attack again, and so forth. That first dragon took hours...but I did it.

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But usually I really get into Bioware's stories. For me, that's a huge draw at this stage in my life, if I am going to be investing tons of time in a game, it has to do more than just look pretty, more than offer mindless killing like most FPS games do. I think Inquisition does that pretty well, and the voice-acting and story are, as usual, pretty good. And for me, DA:I was an enormous upgrade over DA2 in just about every department.

Oh, DA:I was a huge improvement over DA:2. I never played DA:2, just saw a few scenes on a friends PC and read reviews - nothing described was worth investing time or money into.


DA:O was awesome, and still a better game from a plot standpoint. I really loved the mix of character origin stories, which was major in fleshing out their setting. It was also it's own game, and not a mass effect clone.


DA:I is closer to mass effect 2 than it is to DA:O in terms of gameplay. Mass effect 2 was awesome and extremely well done, so a clone of this isn't really an insult. I just don't think DA:I does anything new - and it often feels like a sci-fi game transplanted into a fantasy setting.


I do think that with the Dragonage Keep site adding a way to replay DA:I with a new background is genius. With the Dragonage Keep, I'd bump the game to 4/5. I'm really enjoying my second play through, which is like an entirely new game.

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Just got through the "Descent" DLC expansion. I did it on easy, starting at level 12. I ended on level 15. It's one of the few areas that doesn't list a suggested level. That said, most of the gear is required level 17+, so I mainly sold it for much needed gold. That said, the amulets, rings, and belts have no such level requirement :biggrin:.


It was an interesting expansion as it had no magical NPCs, no real dialogue (very minimal choices), and just lots of dungeon crawling. There's an entire "collecting the blood stained gears" side quest which is attained by jumping extreme distances down and hoping the ground is land-on-able. I had fun.

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