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Taking the Plunge...or Warhammer

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So tomorrow I'm going to give my girlfriend her first game of Warhammer with the wood elf army she is collecting.  Using almost every model she currently owns, this is the list she will bring. 




16 Glade Guard - Musician, Trueshot

5 Glade Riders


5 Sisters of the Thorn

5 Wild Riders




I wanted to ask everyone if there is anything important that I should remember not to leave out while teaching her the rules.  I've been playing for awhile with everything pretty much built-in, so I don't want to skip out on anything.


If you were playing your first game, what would you want to be told?

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put her and her elves in their place hehe!!! yea go through the phases first teaching what you can do.  i remember my first real game was early this year ha.  first few games can be discouraging, so make sure to tell her its a game of patience and knowing your opponents is just as important as knowing your own strengths.  huge learning curve, but its a fun game... im still learning and dont know jack yet lol.  

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