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Lessons Learned Upon Returning to the Hobby


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I had a great return to the game tonight, getting ROFLstomped by Deadwing34 (thanks for the game, Jeremy!). 

  1. The rules haven't changed *that* much (though 2d6" charge range? Really?)
  2. My circa 3rd Edition Assault Terminators are a bad, Bad, BAD joke.
  3. F.A.T. Mats are legit. Must buy for home table.
  4. Maneuverability is king in Maelstrom games. I should have dumped the LRC, and gone with bikes and Land Speeder instead.
  5. Tactical Objective cards are the funnest thing since forever.
  6. It is somewhat comforting to know that my Land Raider Crusader is *still* packed with dynamite, dipped in kerosene and wrapped in primer cord. Some things never change.
  7. Ordo still rocks.

If anyone else wants an easy victory, look me up next Tuesday  :cool:

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1. You were so taken back by this change, you made me question for a second if I had the rule wrong.

2. I think most people agree (on the internet anyway) the best form of Assault Terminator are Thunderhammer Stormshield Terminators, while we were playing I forgot they get a nice 3+ invulnerable save instead of only 5+.

3. Yes very nice, I wish I could trade in my GW grass mat for one of these.

4. Bikes are pretty nice, especially in Maelstrom missions. But they rarely last the whole game, for me anyway.

5. Love the tactical objectives as well. I picked up some nice Gale Force Nine Objective tokens at GG as well, they lay flat and you don't have to worry about accidentally picking them up like dice.

6. To be honest I think I got a really lucky shot on your LR (which was pretty dang cool, when it blew up). A lot of the time I never end up loosing mine throughout the whole game.

7. I have only been playing here for a few months but definitely the most fun I have had playing 40k.

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1. You were so taken back by this change, you made me question for a second if I had the rule wrong.


I will take this bogglement to my grave. If my footsloggers are capable of moving 18" in a turn, I expect their lazy butts to do it on demand! Prior to firing their Emperor-granted Bolt Weapon!! Damned slacker super-human space soldiers.

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