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any interest in a BFG marine fleet?

Brother Glacius

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I am trying to start a new hobby and looking at securing some funds for it. I have a BFG marine fleet that has just  been sitting in a box for a while. I know it has two battle barges, and then pretty much every "marine" medium class and escort class associated with it. I think some are painted SW, others are painted white scars. PM if interested and I'll pull together an exact list with pics.

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Okay, so here is the list of items:

2 battle barges

6 strike cruisers

6 gladius frigates

6 nova frigates (marine version)

8 hunter destroyers (marine version)

3 forgeworld frigates that look marine, but I have no idea what they are classed as (ebay seems to think they are nova class)


Most of these models are painted, mostly a very light blue/grey base with white highlights...all but FW are metal so easily cleaned.


I would be fine with breaking this up into two fleets, with one of them getting the FW ships.


I'll try to get pics up tomorrow. Based on ebay listings that I found, this lot is around $500 easy. I wish I could say I'll drop this for a bargain, but I can't. I need funds, and if I'm going to sell this collection off, then I need what I can get for it.

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