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The Spirit of the Game

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I've made so many mistakes in list making that his idea just isn't realistic. Still I like some of the idea of it. Takes a kind of discipline I don't have.


World's dullest army. I'm all for everything professed there except the "never changing your army" part.

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I was JUST thinking about this article in WD from BACK in the day and thought about how it so heavily influenced my play style.  Specifically the DON'T change your list idea.  Once I find a list I like, I pretty much never touch it again until there's a new edition or book. 

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"I'm from the OLD SCHOOL!  Back in my day, a miniature wasn't a miniature unless it had it's own NAME, at least 3 POUCHES, and a LANTERN. The sculpts had so little detail it was like trying to paint a BB to look like a BROADSWORD!  Each figure had enough LEAD to make all of CHINA bad at MATH, and movement trays were for the WEAK OF HEART.  We used OIL based enamels, FRAYED brushes, and 3 COATS OF GLOSS VARNISH, because when we did BATTLE, the game wasn't over until the other man's ARMY was worn down to bare METAL!! AND WE LIKED IT!!!"

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