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Full Table of Painted Infinity Terrain & PanO Army


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Follow the link and check it out!



Just took this terrain to a tournament and received nothing but praise for the entire lot! Both in how detailed and playable it was.


Here is a list of what is included. MSRP is shown to give perspective of value, those prices do not include my paint or work.


qty company name msrp

1 Warsenal Cryo Tube 6

5 CM Array 20

2 MA Consoles 14

3 D5 L-Buildings 84

1 D5 Garage 18

2 D5 Apartment Buildings 84

1 D5 Objective Room 25

5 D5 Guard House 100

1.5 D5 Catwalks 46

1 MA Holo Set 1 17

1 MA Roof 8

1 CM Sushi House 13

3 D5 Interior Walls 24

3 AW Screens 28

1 AW Vending Machines 10

1 SC Comms 30

2 Warsenal Consoles 16

1 SC Barracks 30

1 SC Medical Facilities 40

1 SC Armory 50


Looking to sell, and will take offers. 


I am offering up 700$ worth of physical product, 30$ of paint, and months of practiced work and time.


I am open to partial trades for current edition and unpainted (primed is ok) Infinity.


If I accept partial trade, we would need to establish an initial relative value to proceed with negotiations. 


Please start with an -offer- so we have a place to start at.




I will not respond to lowballing or price demands. 


Buyer will be responsible for exact shipping, and paying Paypal fees. Though I would greatly prefer an in person exchange. Redmond area.


Thanks for checking it out!

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