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Sunday is for Warhammer.


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If I'm not in Eugene, I'm in. However, I don't have an ofcc list, due to not going to ofcc this year. I just want to make that clear before someone gets matched up against my dark elves.

It was wired watching my ogres all weekend and not being throne pushing them around.

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finally got a game with pete!  pretty horrendous rolling all around... i wouldnt expect less!  pretty strange game.  he smashed the slayers to pieces.  i whiffed alot and he made armor saves(slayers just dont do well against armor).  miners really were a big key to the game.  17 i think is perfect.  just really messed things up in his backline.  he stopped my vanguard which was well played.  rolling insane courage with his 1 mage on one wound left was hilarious to prevent longbeard potential overrun into flank of pheonix guard.   apparently didnt matter cause pheonix guard brought pillows to the battle later against them.  copter died comically to 4 archers.  'sigh' i need to stop charging copters in thinking they can kill even an elf.  cause... THEY CANT lol.  so super bloody to the end.  charged his helm bus and anointed on flame pheonix into beardstar after they finished slayers.  he couldnt push enough wounds on the unit with my characters sucking up hits.  longbeards cleaned the unit and lord kill the prince.  anointed ran and beards sprouted wings to catch him. so yea... bloody.

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