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OFCC captain matching and team comp distribution

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Look it's a post with two topics:



Here's something that I thought of today looking over our team's lists: we have almost all our lists sitting at the same ~14-16 comp range.  This seems cool because we're all "friendly" list level, but I think it might make matching a little difficult if we run into a team with a 8, 12, 16, and 20 (for example).

Are you other captains out there encouraging your teams to have a variety of comp scores?  Or are ya'll just letting the chips fall and hoping we can make good matchups via captain matching?



Another (somewhat orthogonal) thought: I'm seeing a lot of "20" lists with big glaring weaknesses, and commentary that captain matching will protect those lists from being matched against their foil.  The issue with that line of thinking is that the *reason* the list is a 20 is that it has glaring weaknesses.  If captain matching protects it from those matchups, then it is going to have an unfair VP advantage.  E.G. Raindog's Slayer list, if it doesn't ever have to face Non Engagement, is much stronger than a 20... it shouldn't have a 300 VP advantage against a mostly-CC army that itself has paid the points for the tools to face Non Engage, and sits at 14 comp.  Not at all picking on RD's list, just it provides a good example of a list that is very good *BUT* has a few armies that just beat it, so it's comped 20.


Eh, not sure there's a good way to address this, except to make it clear that captains are under no obligation to agree to protect min/max lists from facing their foil.


Does that make sense and do we agree?  Talk amongst yourselves ;)

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Pairing overall comp score in beginning then captain duel it out with lists I'm assuming like last year.


Right, I think current standing (tournament score) is fused with a team's total comp to create team vs. team matchups, and then captains try to create good games.  Sylvos can correct me if I'm wrong here ;)


I just want to make sure as ClassicFlava mentioned that Captains don't feel obligated to a) match via comp alone or b) cover up army weaknesses via matchup.  I almost think matching by player record would be the best first-level matchup, with comp and army vs. army consideration as a next tier of consideration.

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My team has a fast list, a fighty list, a magic list, and an all comer list. Each army has roll. Most of the armies can handle multiple styles.


Match ups will be made by individual challenges, like match ups, and in the interest of fun. When in doubt, I will take a bad match-up for the sake of the team.




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Like Raindog's, my team consists of 'all-comers' lists - though mine are all soft lists (2x20, 19+ and 15+ SwedeComp). 


We are pretty light on magic (team total is 12-14 levels of magic) and very light on shooting.  But we have decent speed in general and good fighting overall.


And like RD there will be a number of factors involved in our pairings.  Good games are the goal, however that might be achieved!

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As for my team, I just gave everyone free reign to make a list they were comfortable with. I think we ended up with a decent range in the end. Giving people a target comp score is all well and good, but their actually having painted models on hand for that is a very different story. If I was asked to write a 16-comped list I don't think I would be able to do it without painting a couple hundred worth in new models.

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