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Mordheim in Portland


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I love Mordheim to death and am wanting to feel out any interest in a Portland Mordheim group at Red Castle, Guardian, or WoW? Id hope for at least four people to play, though we wouldnt all have to meet on the same night, we could schedule 1v1s on the side. Id think 8 or 10 games over a few months would be a good idea, most wyrdstone wins.


For those who have not played: its a super fun small skirmish game of maybe 6-15 models per side, akin to what I think are 6th edition fantasy rules? Its warhammer skirmish with a lot of RPG elements. Its also very terrain heavy as the idea is that your warband is exploring the mostly abandoned ruins of a gothic town.You gain experience and choose how to level up and outfit your guys after each battle. There are tons of items to buy. Winning the particular mission helps but is not vital as you still explore the ruins of Mordheim outside of battles, which keeps the game kind of light and not as competitive as the bigger GW games.


Let me know if youre interested!

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Just to spur some interest, here's links to my chopped together version of Rules and Warbands (all the official ones from EOF and other sources, plus the ones from BTB)


Dropbox links up until I hear to take them down from mods, or get a c&d from GW







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Jeffrey, when would be a good day for a Mordheim league? Would it be on Tuesdays, or on Sundays in place of the fantasy night?

I'm planning to open the club on Sunday's during August while raindog is on vacation, for Mordheim or board games or any flavor of warhammer, whatever people are down for.

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