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8th edition Fantasy League

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I would potentially be interested, depending on the details...


How often would games need to be played?

Required to play them on a set day?

How big would the games be?

Where would they be required to be played?

How long would it last?


I'd hate to commit then have to look like a tool if i have to bail because of work, etc.


Great idea no matter what, though!

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What are people's thoughts on doing the league in the style of the Blood Bowl league instead of having a set night? Get paired up, have a couple weeks to get the game in? I remember when Pete was running Vancouver Fantasy Night every other week at Dice Age after last year's OFCC; seemed like Pete, Fixxer, and myself were the only ones showing up regularly, maybe a true "league" style will allow people with less flexible schedules to participate.

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