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Brother G's too much stuff sale

Brother Glacius

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First items on the chopping block:


Deadzone enforcer army - starter army + booster bundle + walking thingy + extras


Menoth 2 player box set models + extra caster

Menoth judicator


Duneon Dice bag - two starter sets plus extras with rules and dice bags + unopened expansion of some sort.


box of Star Wars CCG premiere edition


box of Rage and Jyhad cards - Rage cards pending


Space Hulk 2009 edition NIB


Bret: 8 knights of the realm


Skaven: 8 plastic clanrats (old)


Bret: 10 plastic archers


space marines (50ish) - metal terms, metal scouts, plastic marines, metal character, attack bikes (mix of painted to bare)


salamander chaplain dude - metal


plastic hero quest figs (five different)


40K harlequin datacards


dwarf deathroller (BB)


grim ironjaw (BB)



various GW terrain pieces - jungle trees, ruins, wrecked imperial fighter, etc - crashed fighter pending


15 scions (5 torsos have been assembled, otherwise NOS)


1 valkyrie (NOS) - pending


old metal chaos troll

Empire lion shields (16)


Cryx stuff coming soon

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Deadzone starter box w/ extra terrain sprues (minus minis, so just terrain, rules, mat, etc)

Deadzone forgefather army - starter army + booster bundle + iron ancestor + extras



Do you have any pics BG? If these are the figs I think they are, I might be willing to deal! :)



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Interested in: corpse cart, the savage orc boyz, and the grave guard command

I live in SW PDX and frequent GG on THURs eves.

Prices, loc, date (next week or later) and time?
I also sometimes have games at GG on SAT or SUN.
Other locations in PDX area do-able, either weekday evenings between 7 and 9.
Or weekends 11-4.

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