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So who would like to start a KoW league nite?

Steel Angel

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So looking to get into KoW but have to find reg. players. So thinking we should start a league here in the portland area.


Would need to pick a store and a day and time. With the speed KoW goes we would not be pushing for as much time as 40K and WFB.


Anyone want to come foward to lead this? I would but have nvr done anything like this,but I will step up to be right hand man( chode,lacky, thug) to help any way I can.


I'm thinking maybe sometime Mon-Fri 5pm+ with KoW that can be two good games by 9pm.



We could even do a map campagne or a story one with fuff and stuff think it could be fun

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I'm not going to organize this, but here's my input. The best bets venue-wise are probably Guardian and Red Castle.


Monday: GG Warmachine and X-Wing, RC Magic & Board Games.

Tuesday: GG Magic, RC Magic

Wednesday: GG 40k, RC Magic.

Thursday: GG Flames of War, RC Infinity & Netrunner

Friday: RC & GG: Friday Night Magic


So the open spots are probably Monday-Wednesday evenings at RC, or Tuesday / Thursday evenings at GG. (I don't know how busy FoW night gets, but it was pretty anemic last I looked.)


My vote is for Tuesdays at Red Castle or GG.

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The implication is that all elves are girls.  




A true shame that you'll never see your delusions ground up just like your beard  :laugh: .

well, i only have 4 losses in 7 events in PNW(although i deserved waaaaay more than that...) which aint shabby for a beardling of 1.5 years! my beard *was* fabulous and of course im delusional, ive never said i wasnt! :tongue:  are you playing at the KoC thingy end of this month?

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