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Good bye for now.

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As a lot of you found out yesterday, I'm leaving you guys. I won't be a regular on Tuesday nights anymore. The good news though is I got a job! A fairly good job I am excited to start. This does mean I will be moving to the southern Puget Sound, most likely Tacoma. You guys can be jealous because yes I will be closer to Ray's Beard.

But I wanted to say thanks for all the games and camaraderie over the last few years.  

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Cheers, D! I'm super sorry to see you move, but congrats on the job and I hope to see you at events in the future! I feel a bit better knowing you'll be with Ray - I imagine a Southside Warhamster contingent eventually developing and spreading our brand of gamer goodness to the rest of the region.

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What Ray said.


Though technically I'd be stealing you for the human battle chess set I'm building in my backyard, so it's not precisely the same idea.


I mean, "AHAHAHAHA! SUCK IT WARHAMSTERS!," obviously, but... y'know.  Joey to Queen 3 and all.

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