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WarPorch is just around the corner...


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Sept 19th!  Games Day!


Info about the specific day HERE.  


Info about Games Days at my Haus Fluger HERE.  


Basically I've been doing impromptu games days at my house on a nearly monthly basis for a while now.  Now I'm getting some backing from Ordo in terms of terrain and tables. 


This one seems to be gearing towards SAGA and WarMachine, but 40k is still totes probably happening.  


We're going to be getting Ordo-made terrain all up in this hizzouse as well as some super awesome stuff being lent to us by Koyote (it's super slick stuff, don't [big bad swear word] it up, or he'll [big bad swear word] you up...well, in like a friendly way, he's pretty nice, wait...friendly [big bad swear word]ing is like actual [big bad swear word]ing, and I'm not sure he'd be doing that to you if you messed with his terrain, or at all really, I mean, the guy's married.  Well, you get the idea, don't ruin it!).  


Hit me up on the Facebook event page to let me know if you're interested in coming or let me know here!  

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Interested:  Totes.  


You picked the darn day of a tournament I scheduled back in August though.  =(  I can't really duck out when I'm running it but i will be QUITE likely to attend these as you know, in the future!


I've always had a good time, your wife puts up with us, your kids are hilarious and the dog, well...  i mean...  Who could hate that lap dog?


Anywho, if it's still going and my sanity is intact I might drop by late to maybe gt in on some Zombicide or whatevers going on.

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OK, trying to get a head count for dinner planning:


I have 4 confirmed on Facebook (including our very own Kirkman Bros), a maybe from PourSpelur, I know that Disruptive Conduct is coming up, not sure if he's staying for dinner.  I also know Koyote is coming.


Trying to figure this all out, please let me know.

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