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Jumping into Scum!

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Looking at jumping into X-Wing with some Scum faction, because... well, Bounty Hunters. Wanting to run double big ship, wondering what people's thoughts are for the Firespray vs IG-200 Hound's Tooth, and what might be some good support to go with them (since I can't get all 3 info a 100 point list without sacrificing on upgrades)

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I say buy two fire sprays, two ig88s, one hounds tooth and one most wanted pack.


This gives you all the big ships plus all the sweet upgrade cards for most of the faction.


You might want to run Boba Fett and Kath Scarlett together is why two firesprays.


Dual IGs is just way too much fun to pass up for big base action.


The Hounds Tooth is still getting tested out and shows promise as a scum version of the lamda shuttle with a ton of cooler options and a better firing arc.


As far as support, ywing are solid gold right now with the Turbo Laser Turret and an unhinged astromech.


Welcome to the Evil Side!

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I have been stubbornly running Bossk...he is frustrating.  His ability with Mangler cannon is awesome, but I still am too aggressive with him.  His dial does not make turning around something that happens...so holding back is key.


Get two IG's...they are good to run solo, but for that time you want to run 2, then you have the option.

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Thanks to all for the input!

Here are some ideas....pay special note to the teams that placed 2nd, 18th and 39th for examples of what DisruptiveConduct is talking about.


Very cool looking over these lists. I love the idea of having a couple of heavy ships, but didn't realize that it was actually a build that could be "successful." Hopefully I'll be able to pick up some actual ships soon!

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