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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Tickets on Sale


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I wasn't planning on going to this movie opening night, as I really didn't want the hassle of fighting the crowds.


But then I looked at Cinetopia's website, and lo and behold...


They are selling tickets with reserved seating :)


I won't be going until 11PM that night, but oh please, be glorious...


And so happy about Reserved Seating :)

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They actually crashed a few ticket sites last night, including Fandango. The wife and I could not buy our tix. LOL.


Will try again tonight after work.


I love the mystery surrounding Luke, though... Why is he not on the poster? Why only one sign of him in any of the trailers (a split second of him reaching out to lay a hand on R2)? So many conspiracy theories floating around, it's awesome.

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