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Lost dog (Hazel Dell area, Vancouver)


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Hello all, I don't normally post asking for help of this nature, but if you could spread the word to any friends and/or family on the Vancouver area, I would greatly appreciate it. 


My wife went to surprise me with a new member of our family today. Unfortunately, he got a little startled when my in-laws brought him home and took off. 


Miniature Schnauzer, 2.5 years old, about 18 pounds. Neutered male. Should be wearing his collar still. His name is Winston, although he seems reluctant to come when called by people he doesn't know. Last seen near the Ross dog park / Minnehaha Grade School. 


Any information, please call me at (360) 241-2481, or my wife at the number in the picture. You can also call the number on his collar, which is his previous owner (we JUST picked him up tonight). His previous owner has been notified and will pass on any information to us. 


It's cold out there! We just want to give him a warm, safe home and far too many treats! Thanks all!


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Do you have, or can you get from the previous owner, anything he likes to sleep on, or play with, that has smells that would be familiar to him? I know a few people who have had success leaving out a favorite blanket or pillow or toy for a missing pet.

His bed is on my in-laws porch, along with one of his blankets I believe. I will double check with them and make sure it is still out there, and if they have any toys they can leave out along with it.

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