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40k Mini Tournament at Haus Fluger Dec 19th!


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Interesting choice. 


Pourspelur, I have had incredible tournament success with Adepta Sororitas, so I absolutely wouldn't mind bringing them along.  They did win the last tournament I attended about two or three weeks ago.  Plus if anyone brings those darn Imperial Knights out to play again, I might not have much choice!  Among my armies, they are most suited to such tasks.


So sure.  I'll bring 'em.  Sounds like fun.  That means I'll have to go down to Portland and get my tanks from Damon Scythe (yes, the famous wrestler!).  He's been painting them up for me.  Though since there's no paint requirement (thank the maker) I suppose I could just borrow some from someone too...


It's settled then!

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OMG PLEASE BRING RAVENGUARD.  Though, I imagine they will look like Alpha Legion...

Actually, no. They'll probably mostly look like primer and bare plastic, with a scattering of painted stuff from like three different Chapters. I've actually ended up with a ton of Assault Marines and Vanguard Vets through various bulk buys/trades.

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