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What day/place would work for YOU to play KoW?


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Okay, so weekday afternoons in Vancouver aren't the most popular thing ever (although Bham's homemade worm army is a thing of beauty).


If we held it on a Saturday in Vancouver, how many of you could make it?


If it was a weekday afternoon at Guardian Games, how many could make it?


Do we have to do both (Saturday at Guardian)?


I am committed to growing this game, but it just seems like I can't get traction.

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If the games were held on Sundays in Vancouver, I could make it once or twice a month.


If weekday afternoons at Guardian games, I'm much more available and could make it every time.


Saturdays are no good for me, unfortunately.


I too am interested in KoW taking off in the area. I am heavily invested; I have 4 armies for it in 28mm, several in 1:72, and am building forces in 6mm for Travel-Sized KoW.


What I don't have are other players.

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I'm committed to making it at least once a month for KoW. Could not do weekdays in Portland, but a weekday in Vancouver or weekend at either and I should be able to make it.


I think Sundays at Dice Age could potentially be tough; they are only open 12-4, and I think the store is pretty full for Pokémon league when I've stopped on Sundays.

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So far, it looks like Weekday evenings at Guardian gain Rijel and Glacius, but lose Andrew.


That's... not great?


Sounds like weekdays, alternating between Portland and Vancouver are best (so, once a month in each place).


Anyone else have any ideas?

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Just to be clear, I thought we were talking weekday afternoons, not evenings. Weekday evenings are Dedicated Spouse Time for me.


I can be at Guardian at about 3:45 or so.  Bham can stay later than myself, to about 7 (right?)


I guess it depends what you mean by afternoon.

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