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Magnetizing Bloodthirster

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Hey all! So I've never magnetized anything before, but I've gotten in 2 Bloodthirsters for the Khorne Daemonkin; One of them is going to be built as a D-Thirster, but I would like to option of being able to use the other one as either another D-Thirster or as a vanilla one for Blood Tithe summoning, depending on my list. Maybe magnetize the wings for ease of transport.


Main questions are:


-What size magnets should I be looking at / drill bit to set them?

-Best place to get said magnets?

-Any tips? Like I said, never magnetized a thing in my life.


Thanks all!

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That's gonna be a tough first magnetization project. Not saying don't do it, just be aware that you're jumping into the deep end.


I highly recommend that you build the one you're not magnetizing first, to get some familiarity with the kit. Pay particular attention to the parts you're planning on magnetizing, probably build the arms for the other version then as well so you can dry-fit them before you glue the D-Thirster arms on, get an idea of how the magnets are going to have to hold for the two different versions.


You're probably gonna want some 1/4"x1/16" or 1/4"x1/8" for most of it, and some 1/8"x1/16" for some of the fiddlier connections. I think most of the stuff you're gonna need to drill will be for the 1/8" diameter magnets, but you may need to drill some of the 1/4" ones. Lots of greenstuff or other putty to create sockets in the open spaces to set magnets in.


I get my magnets from amazingmagnets.com, and they've always been great. I know there are plenty of other places, tho, some of which are probably better. Whenever I get a bunch in, I take a super-permanent sharpie or some paint or something and mark one side of all of them, sticking them together as I do so that I'm always marking the same side and keeping my polarities consistent. Just about nothing in a project like this sucks more than finding out after you've superglued them all in that you got the polarity backwards on a magnet. Triple-check every point of connection.

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Craft Warehouse is the only place I've found in Rogue Valley with magnets small enough for our needs, but they only have one size that is near.  3/8" I believe it is.  It's great on Dread or larger size models, but nothing smaller.  I'd imagine locally you could find similar, especially for the model.  Of course your other option is ordering online, amazon or similar.  But if this is your first crack at it, the 3/8ths pack I grab is 4.99 for 9 of 'em.  Strong enough to have a magnet on the pad of my thumb being held there by the one on my thumbnail. :)




Edit:  Yeah, plus what he said.  

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If you are going to magnetize the wings, I would strongly suggest adding a pin as well. That way a lot of the holding power comes from the pin and the magnet is mostly just there to make sure the wings don't rotate around the pin. I've tried to hold wings up using just magnets before and they usually just end up falling off because of how much torque is put on them due to where the center of gravity of each wing is.


And as far as the arms go, I tried it and gave up. The way the arms attach is odd because it is a hollow torso, so you'll likely have to create a wall of green stuff over both the arm and torso connection point and then put a magnet in each one. Just my thoughts.


Hope that helps!

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Thanks everyone for the suggestion / comments. After putting one of them together, I think I'm going to build the 2nd one with the D-Thirster arms and just magnetize the weapons. A little tricky as the left wrist on both ends have weird grooves on it, but I'll try to flatten them out to make a smooth connection between the weapons. Not going to worry about the wings and just invest in some appropriate foam, heh.

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If I were doing it:

The way the newer plastic kits assemble I would glue the whole thing together according to the diagram and then find a good spot to cut the limb afterward for nice clean break. Trying to magnetize the odd spots where the parts normally join seems very difficult by comparison. I like the break to be about halfway between the joints on a given limb. Either midpoint between shoulder and elbow or between elbow and wrist. Its best if there some kind of sleeve or bracelet or other element that collars one section onto the next and hides the seam. 

For the bloodthirster I like the gauntlet strap nearest the elbow. If you cut that and then around the gauntlet edge I think the seem would be well hidden. The wings feel a bit tricker. They probably need some kind of cavity/post arrangement to look nice. I have attached a set yet. 


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