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OFCC 2016 Table Contest

Guest Obscure Reference

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Guest Obscure Reference

Hello Ordo!

It is time to start working on your tables for this years OFCC! We here at Ordo love to showcase the work of our members, and this includes awesome tables to play on!



Here are the rules:



This contest is open to any Ordo Member. You do not have to be playing in an event, but you do need a Open Play badge.



Tables can be designed for any game being played during the event.



All terrain must be fully painted.



All terrain will be used during the course of OFCC, and can be collected after the event. Understand that Ordo Fanaticus is not responsible for any damages to said terrain.



Tables must be set up prior to their respective event.



Each participant must be approved prior to bringing a table for entry. You may enter more than one table.


There will be two categories in which you can submit your table: Large Table or Small Table.


Large Table is any table 6’x4’ or larger.


Small Table is anything 4’x4’ or smaller.


Your table does not have to be scratch built.


There will be a Best Table award for each of the categories and a Best Overall Table where all tables entered will be judged together.


Tables will be judged by a panel of three on execution, technique, and theme.


Remember to have fun with it!



Submit your request to participate via PM to Obscure Reference or email Josh@throughthebreach.com. Please include what size table you will be submitting and for what game it will be used in. Please send separate messages for each entry.

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