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Question of the Day

Brother Glacius

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My first job ever involved running aluminum blocks through a drill press. My foreman was an old man from Kentucky who I'm reasonably sure was carved out of wood. Seriously, he was probably sixty and ground my sixteen year old self info the ground. He never moved fast but the amount of work that he got done was staggering. Anyways, he told me to remove the "spool" because it was really sharp. About 15 years later I realized he was saying spoil but his drawl made it sound like spool.

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C'mon, people, it's a new day, that means new question!



Perhaps the thread should be renamed to "Ask a question, maybe someone will answer it."


You're just spoiled.


I think a new day means that this thread should be locked.  We've proven that you can still like it if you want to, so that should be fine...   :biggrin:

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