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Plastic Sisters for reals this time / Cadian Campaign / New Inquisitor? / Commoragh Game


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Gathering Storm – First Look

The Eye of Terror is about to open and unleash a tide of darkness, Daemons and traitors into an already beset Imperium. Against the unified might of the Traitor Legions stand the heroes of the Cadian Gate, who will stop at nothing to drive back the Gathering Storm.

The scene is set for the most epic narrative in the history of the 41st Millennium – a fitting celebration of 30 years of Warhammer 40,000 and a great way to kick off the next 30 years of grim darkness in the far future.

The Gathering Storm begins with the epic events detailed in the Fall of Cadia – available for pre-order on January 7th.

The miniatures accompanying the first Gathering Storm book represent a few of the factions that stand against the Legions of Chaos, including: our first plastic Inquisitor miniature, the huge and hunched form of an ancient Archmagos Dominus, and the angelic Saint Celestine, resurrected (or possibly, saved from the dust bin) leading the Imperium’s armies.

Inquisitor Greyfax
    Inquisitor Greyfax

Belisarius Cawl
    Belisarius Cawl

Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia
    Saint Celestine and the Geminae Superia


Also, we intercepted a few transmissions in the Cadian Sector…

Subscribers to our Twitch Channel can watch back the live-stream at twitch.tv/warhammer, which includes some discussion about the new book and gorgeous, 360* views of the miniatures.

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Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia (Q&A transcript)

Tags : warhammer tv warhammer 40 000


hey !

we'll add stuff from the Q&A

Atia & bob

- Fluff background about Cadia. It's Super Super Important!
- There are more than the 13 Black Crusades. Abaddon led 12 of them so far!
- Each of his crusades had a purpose, the goals were achieved!

- 2017 = 30 Years of 40k. They plan to continue 30 more years =)

- Abaddon is Warmaster of Chaos. Leader of all the traitor legions.
- We don't know what he plans yet! We know that he is on his 13th, this looks to be aimed at the Cadian Gate.
- Full might of traitor legions, all the forces the eye can muster are aimed at Cadia.
- 2016 already saw the return of Magnus, the rise of the Genestealers, Deathwatch returning, Eldrad doing sheningangs - lots of stuff to come in 2017, this continues!

- The Battle of Cadia is set up since the Heresy. They knew the bad guys would come out one day, so they fortified Cadia, similiar to Terra during the HH!
- There is an imperial character who has done something for 10k years ;)

- "Chaos rises. War rages, imperium faces its darkest hour"

- Inquisitor Greyfax. First ever plastic Inquisitor. Female :D
- Wears some kind of sororitas power armour. Combi-boltgun. Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor!
- She has unique rules. She is a psyker!

- Whatever you collect, you will have the best time in 2017! It's gonna be the best year in the history of 40k. 2018 is even gonna be more awesome :P - this is page one of excitement!

- Belisarius Cawl. New AdMec Character. He is 10k years old! He had a mysterious mission!
- Huge Archmagos Dominus. Size of a Carnifex.
- T6. Five wounds. He is a beast!

- New Plastic Celestine. Accompanied by two Geminii.

- 3 Heroes that are getting models are the ones who stand against the tide of Chaos at Cadia.

- AoS Q&A tomorrow. The change is coming ;)

- GS: Fall of Cadia: New rules to play battles around the Cadian Gate. Any army can use them.
- Fall of Cadia - January the 7th!

A storm is coming ...
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"We were there ....

When the Sons of Baal and the Legions of Cryptus fought side by side against the Tyranids.

We held the line when the Despoiler unleashed his bloodhounds upon Diamor.

We saw the Wulfen return to their chapter - and we pushed back the Alpha Legion from the Space Wolves' worlds ...

Soon, everything will change. Stay brave, defenders of humanity. We will have to face Magnus and his sons - ... and this is just the beginning."

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