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Warhamster Autumn Mordheim Campaign

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18 hours ago, Scipiano said:

Could not make opening night but I plan to be there next week and participate in the festivities.

Curious about this; if I were to get someone blooded in the first month would they be a particpant henceforth, or are we locked in to the 15 interested initially? The limit on free Syvkanian Guides is understood, of course.

That’s great news. What warband did you decide on?


The campaign's primary purpose is to give people an opportunity to play Mordheim, so anyone who wants to join the campaign, certainly may.  The more participants, the easier it will be for players to schedule a game.

People are free to join at anytime during the campaign. 

If I run out of Sylvanian Scout models, I will figure something out. 

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My game went pretty disastrously. I had a plan to kill a few zombies, grab a couple treasures, then lose enough henchmen to voluntarily rout.

The plan went awry at "kill a few zombies". My leader smote one with ease then everyone got bogged down despite outnumbering the zombies. We got surrounded by witch hunters, caught in the open, and mercilessly slaughtered.

But now a completely new Pit Fighter warband bearing identical names and equipment are escaping slavery in Tilea and seeking to throw off pursuit in Sylvania.

There was actually quite a comical moment where the bloodied and broken warband and the new one passed each other on the highway. All the doppelgangers did double-takes (doppletakes), then an uneasy silence fell over the new gang--determined not to end up like those poor, hapless chumps...

And all because Jim's witch hunters mistook Oenomaus' "skelly-bones" warpaint as an actual skeleton because they're stupid, stupid jerk-bullies.

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I will be at Dark Tower tomorrow with my Mordheim stuff, including the unclaimed Sylvanian Guides. Hopefully, others will show up with their warbands, but if we don't get enough people for everyone to pair up, I'd be happy to host and referee a multi-player scenario.



If I have time to complete it, my new centerpiece will make its first appearance.  It's 4Ground's Tueden League Windmill.   I doubt that I will have time to add fire damage to it, so if it does appear it will likely be in its pristine state, as pictured below.


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3 hours ago, nathonicus said:

I missed like week, but I'll be there tomorrow. Do I just make a starting warband from the rules?

To get started, please read the first post of this thread and the attached Setting and Campaign packets.

Next, create a 500 gc warband per the standard rules.

Each hero that begins with experience points (e.g. Mercenary Captains and Champions), gets one free advance roll at the beginning of the campaign.  This roll must be witnessed by another player.

Your warband will begin the campaign with a Sylvanian Guide (Beggar) hired sword, at no cost.  In addition, you may begin the campaign with up to one additional hired sword, at normal cost.

Typically, starting warbands can access only the equipment listed in their warband's rules.  Due to the setting, starting warbands may purchase torches (1 gc each) and lanterns (5 gc each).

Don't forget to print the last page of the Campaign Packet.  You will use this roster to keep track of your warband's opponents, win/loss record, and campaign points.


Now get to work you lousy Grot!  0iTrCO.gif


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I'll be around as well tomorrow to help folks catch up if they didn't get a game in last week. I had fun being "the catch up" guy with TNT and would be happy to reprise my role with Mordheim. As for Shawn's previous post about our game last week, I have never seen two warbands more unable to harm each other. The rolling was atrocious. I realized very quickly that shooting in Mordheim is not the best with all the modifiers tacked on so I'm very glad I didn't go with a Thunderer heavy build to start with. The highlight of the game for me was my Dwarf noble, facing down three of Shawn's Kislevites, parrying the first two attackers with back to back 6s and then proceeding to decapitate the third fellow who was wielding a 2h weapon. An epic moment, much to Shawn's consternation. Another high point was that for his free advance one of my Troll Slayers reached Toughness 5, and after the battle my Dwarf Engineer advanced to T5 as well. Thanks game!

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2 hours ago, smashthedean said:

I'll be down around 7 to hopefully get a game in this week.

This is a good opportunity to discuss how one finds opponents to play.



Typically, campaign players begin trickling in to Dark Tower shortly after 5 pm on Tuesdays (this includes me).  The next wave (ripple) typically shows up shortly after 6 pm and the last of the arrivals typically get there around 7 pm. 

Players generally pair up on a first come first serve basis, and if everyone is paired up by the time the last person shows up, the late arrival doesn't get a game.  After a week or two of this, 'late arriver' gives up on the campaign. 

This isn't how it has to be. 

If you plan to show up later in the evening, say 6:30  pm  or 7 pm, I recommend that you proactively reach out to other players via phone, text, PM, or this thread, and try to reserve a game. 

Below is a list of players who have stated that they want to participate in the campaign.  Please note, that if you are not on this list, you aren't excluded from the campaign.  Anyone can join at any time.

I've highlighted the names of players who either showed up last week or indicated that they will show up tonight.  If you want to reserve a game, these folks are your best bet.

If your regular schedule prohibits you from showing up early, PM me your normal ETA and I will put it  next to your name.  This way others with similar ETAs will know who to reach out to.

Of course, campaign games aren't restricted to Tuesday nights.  If you can find a player who wants to play on a different day or hour, feel free to schedule a game with him.


DuskSeer - Middenheim Mercenaries

GalaxyChief - Bretonnians

JMGraham -Witch Hunters

Koyote -Kislevites

Munkie - Pit Fighters

Nathonicus - Human Mercenaries

Scipiano -Human Mercenaries or Chaos Marauders

Sherbert -Witch Hunters

Sigurd BC - Dwarf Treasure Hunters

Smashthedean - Undead

Sounder - Skaven

The Moat -Undead

The Rat Catchers - Pirates

VonVilkee -Night Goblins

Wiccus -Ostlander Mercenaries



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On 10/15/2018 at 12:22 PM, nathonicus said:

I missed like week, but I'll be there tomorrow. Do I just make a starting warband from the rules?

Jake, did you still want that Ratnik?


That I do.

Consequently, did you want to grab a game of Mordheim?

Since I have recently come into a collection of suitable Viking Northmen and picked up a Werewolf, I will be going with Norse Explorers, ready to raid, trade, and evade.

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