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Ando's Grey Knights for Escalation


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So, I got some fairly ugly Grey Knights in a trade a long time ago...and have acquired a few in trades.  They have thus sat on a shelf...unloved.

So, with the escalation league, I've decided it is time to not play Sisters or any flavor of Nurgle, and try something different.  Plus, they get a real codex this weekend, so that could be pretty cool :)



I dug up this Castellan Crowe model...and yes, it is finecast.  I have only ever had a couple of FineCast models, but this one...WOW...this is terrible flashing all over.




But, tried to clean him up a bit...and here is our fairly cheap HQ for the first week :)



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4 hours ago, Spaceork said:

I love the old metal GK's!

Thanks...me too.  Plus they mostly have halberds which I always liked that look better (none of this falchion nonsense).

They need a lot of work to "pretty" them up...but I made some progress, and hopefully will be in attendance for Escalation tonight!

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Sadly due to work I will not be able to play the next two weeks...but I have gotten some hobbying done :)

Here is one finished GK, a Justicar.  He is my aim for the remaining models.  He is finished to my standards, and I have rebased him to 32mm.




I have been "assembly line" painting my 3 Strike Squads, plus started a Purgation squad.




As they near completion I will be moving them to 32mm bases and the previous basing scheme.

Then I have a few more models to prime still ...Doomglaive Dreadnought and Castellan Crowe.  Then to basecoat the next batch...this fellow is waiting for his basecoat still :)






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Though the escalation League is long over, and I only got to play a few games, I'm sticking to my self promise and still working on the Grey Knights, and I haven't bought any new Death Guard models :)  If you look through my past pictures, these were all on wrong size bases, so have been working on rebasing them all.Here is some progress...


Lined up for some basing work.



Here is the above group again.  So close to being done with this group...they still need some grass, and I need to paint the rim of their bases.



And next in queue...more painting and basing to come!



And last, thinking about adding these to the army for fun :)  The sprue is Draigo.



They just got a bath...yes, that Land Raider is SUPER SHINY.  When I got many of these models they were the same hideous silver...I really should have stripped them all instead of painting over them.  Oh well, lesson learned :)


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At some point I need to strip, repaint, rebase, and decide what I'm doing with my GK for this edition (not all of them, but certainly the most presentable). This is what old gk look like...



For those that haven't seen them, those AK-47 looking rifles with skeletal bits are the original psycannons. Power weapons are borrowed from other very old models, since the metal halberds are rather poorly designed as models (they bend really easy and don't fit on the models well. Plus with the in-built stormbolters, they can't swap for weapons which is a challenge with the newer rules for GK). I haven't used these since 6ths, which as you can tell, was never a completed project. 

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