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Played a game of NetEpicEA


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So, after acquiring a few epic things, I got to play a partial game of Epic 40K with our good friend Kirby!


We used the Net Epic Armageddon Rules which can be found at this link.


Essentially from what I gather, these are the last rules that GW published before killing specialist games.  The .Net community has added FAQ's and clarifications.


We played a 3K point game with pretty basic forces.  Though I do feel guilty, as Kirby brought a nice balanced Space Marines list to learn with, I brought from what I could tell was the equivalent of the Tau/Eldar Ally 2++ save destruction list of the Minervan Tank Company :)


The game was a lot of fun.  At first it is a bit clunky working through the unit rules, but we quickly found our way through them. The alternating activation turn sequence is a fun aspect.


I have to say one thing I REALLY liked, and this may sound a bit silly, but I had my X-Wing Starter box...and in that box I put two 3000 Point Armies :)  There is something to be said for the compactness of all the minis :)


I can't wait to scale it up to 4K and 5K points.  We are going to try and work in Titans and Flyers and Orbital Craft into the mix of the game.


Planetary conquest is a must!

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OK - so it looks like this is basically what I have already - which is awesome :).  just the nice FAQ stuff added.  - I will have to review my stuff and try to get something together to travel for a game.  I have by memory a fully painted marine force (with 2 war hounds)… and a huge and un-organized Eldar force.  I also have all the basics from the 3 box set versions I have of EPIC eheheh…. more marines - Orks…etc.



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Yep, $50.99 + shipping, so it seems like a good deal.  I have defdreds and predators on the way too!  I was looking at armybuilder and it seems out of date.  I found this for an army builder: http://traitor-legion.appspot.com/indexNETEA.html but I was wondering if there are any better options than paper/pencil.  


Any chance you have the lists that you and Kirb played with?

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That is your best bet for online army building, I have been using it and it is pretty handy.


My list that I lost with today :)  Need more maneuverability...Going to switch to Steel Legion (the below is Minervan Tank Co) and get some scout units.


9 Manticore

3 Baneblade

3 Stormblade

10 Leman Russ, Supreme Commander

WARLORD [825] 
1 Warlord Class Titan

2 Marauders

2 Thunderbolts

6 Leman Russ

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I saw those earlier...evidently the old metal ork stuff isn't much sought after?


At $80 it appears to be an army..not sure how many infantry stands you will get out of it.

Lots of Gunwagons (most of those models don't have their own rules any more, I'm thinking you just play them as GunWagons)

Stompas, Gargants, good variety.


Interesting...same seller, at a glance appears to be same LOT




But closer inspection it is different.  Also a very large price difference...wonder what is in that previous lot that made such a difference.

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