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Hey Howdie Hey!


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Hey, strangers!  Long time no see.  I haven’t done ANY gaming since Malifaux Foodhammer and, frankly, 2014 has completely sucked.  It all culminated in a trip to the hospital with a possible heart attack (thankfully it wasn’t).  I am still recovering.  Classes started up again yesterday and I have been able to teach with a nap soon after (I am also just plain getting old).


I figured it was about time to check back in and hopefully stick around.  I am hoping to make it to Walpurgis (if there are still tickets) but that is a bit up in the air.  I am also working (slowly) on my Imperial Fists and Lizardmen.


So, what have I missed?

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Unfortunately there's not too many places left to play in Seattle Yarb. Bunker closed down and G&G moved miniature games to Tuesday (and it's crowded). Card Kingdom has a regular group. Otherwise we play at someone's house.

Le Sadness.  Try to keep me in the loop!  My garage is always available, too.

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