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Gloomspite Gitz incoming


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Posted 30/12/2018

Next Week’s Pre-orders and more: Gloomspite Gitz!

Next weekend, the Bad Moon will rise over the Mortal Realms, heralding the first wave of the Gloomspite Gitz – a new army that combines the Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, troggoths and even some gargants into a single madcap faction. Because we love you guys, the nights are long and we wanted to end the year with a bang, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on what to expect:

Since the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, battletomes have gone from strength to strength, and Gloomspite Gitz is no exception. This book is packed with sinister (and often hilarious) new lore, fantastic art and a deep set of rules that transform the grots and their monstrous allies into a single, coherent and powerful army.

As of next weekend (that’s Saturday the 5th of January if you want to stick it in your calendar), you’ll be able to order your copy of the Battletome in standard, digital and lavishly presented Collector’s Editions. Additionally, like other new armies, you can pick up a pack of Warscroll Cards to keep track of your army in-game:


We’ll be previewing how the new battletome works in detail next week – if you want the lowdown, keep an eye out for our series right here on the Warhammer Community site.

As well as a battletome, the Gloomspite Gitz will be getting loads of new kits, updating classics and offering brand-new options. Take Fanatics – a notorious sneak-attack unit beloved by longtime grot fans and feared by everyone else! 


In the new Fanatics kit, you’ll find everything you need to build five Fanatics, with your weapon of choice. Loonsmasha Fanatics wield balls and chains, and can be concealed inside your units during deployment before being unleashed as a deadly surprise for your foes, while Sporesplatta Fanatics shield your grots from shooting with choking clouds of spores.


Squig Hoppers, meanwhile, have been remade in an incredibly customisable plastic kit that offers interchangeable riders, customisable squigs and more. This kit also builds a brand-new Moonclan Grots unit – the Boingrot Bounderz.


If you’re looking to field hordes of Squigs, you’ll be well served by the new Squig Herd kit, which features everything you need to build and customise 10 of them, plus a pair of herders. With your choice of 20 unique faces, interchangeable with various legs, you’ll be able to ensure no two Squigs look alike.


If your army needs a leader, you can’t go wrong with Skragrott the Loonking. As self-proclaimed overlord of the Gloomspite Gitz, he’s a supremely cunning commander and powerful Wizard.


On the tabletop, you’ll find Skragrott invaluable, capable of manipulating the passage of the Bad Moon and even stealing enemy Heroes’ artefacts of power! He’s a magnificent project for a painter, too, packed with gorgeous and characterful detail.


Meanwhile, the Bad Moon Loonshrine is a must-have for anyone starting a Gloomspite Gitz army. Available at no matched play points cost to your army, this icon of the Bad Moon has a chance to return destroyed units of Stabbas and Shootas to the battlefield, representing the unending hordes summoned to battle by the Bad Moon:



On the topic of unending, the new endless spells are another indispensable addition for Gloomspite Gitz players, offering you a new set of summoned sorceries unique to your army. Each endless spell has a host of strange and powerful effects, like Scrapskuttle’s Arachnacauldron, which offers your Wizards greater arcane power while damaging nearby foes. We’re not sure what’s in that cauldron, but our advice is: don’t drink the soup!


One of the items that has caused the most delight on our Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page, isn’t even a model. The design team have been hard at work in the squig pens for months, attempting an unholy fusion once thought beyond the reach of science, magic and stranger arts besides. Now, the fruit of their labours can be revealed – meet the rare and elusive Dice Squig:


Now, normally that’s all we’d show – if this were a regular pre-order preview article, that is. But, in the spirit of year-ending madness, behold the second wave of the Gloomspite hordes (a veritable tide of clammy, boggle-eyed beauties they are too). Available for pre-order on the 12th of January are such delights as will fire the hearts of even the oldest and most wizened Grot generals!

Consider, if you will the glorious Gobbapalooza – a selection of wise-grots whose fungal-experimentations have left each blessed with curious powers and appearance.


A group of five Grots, the Gobbapalooza includes a Shroomancer, Spiker, Boggleye, Scaremonger and Brewgit. This set of fungus-mad models is a firm favourite in the office (Boggleye is even taking a turn at being the Warhammer Community mascot). Oh, and you can use them individually in your army or as a five-Grot warscroll. Your choice.

While we’re looking at characters, we should mention the forthcoming Loonboss. This moon-headed hero is the leader your Grot Stabbas need to keep them, er, stabbing at maximum efficiency. He’s not bad at fighting, with his moon-slicer either! Aaand, he looks just like the Grot on the cover of the Battletome.


For fans of alliteration, the Sneaky Snufflers are the Grots for you. Each of the six plastic Sneaky Snufflers is a shroom-hunting maniac with a rack of ill-gotten fungi on his back and a Snufflesquig straining at the leash.


These curious Squigs are the first to scent the growing looncap mushrooms that herald the Bad Moon’s arrival, and on the battlefield, the looncaps they harvest can intoxicate even the lowliest Moonclan warriors into fearsome fighters… though it might cost them their lives. Not only are they handy in a fight, but they’re also glorious sucker-snouted beauties, adding even more flavour to the Squig family.

Mangler Squigs were a common enough sight on the battlefields of the world-that-was, and the all-new plastic kit up for pre-order on the 12th will ensure that they’ll be rampaging across the Mortal Realms for many years yet to come.


This glorious kit not only makes the infamous multi-Grot-Squig-rodeo-insanity that is the classic Mangler Squig (for those new to this lunacy, it’s two massive Squigs chained together and ridden into battle by a clutch of surely-doomed Grots), but you can also build it with a hero riding on top.

Moonclan are certainly at the front of the line when it comes to the new releases for the Gloomspite Gitz, but the biggest and beefiest new models due for release are the much-anticipated Troggoths.


Rockgut Troggoths to be specific! These towering creatures of muscle and stone are said to have crawled from the bowels of the earth, and looking at them it’s easy to believe. A three-model kit, these pot-bellied, rock-skinned brutes are a gorgeous re-imagining of a Warhammer classic as a plastic kit loaded with spares for you to customise your Troggherd!

Last, and by the size of it, definitely not least, lumbers the utterly monstrous Dankhold Troggoth.


Antisocial and reclusive, these behemoths dwell in the darkest… well, dankholds, where they slumber away the decades, awakening only to feast on the magical fungi that grow upon the realmstone deposits in the roots of the Mortal Realms. Such raw magic doesn’t kill the Dankhold Troggoths as it would lesser creatures, but instead mutates them into the vast, lumbering monsters you see here. This gigantic plastic kit comes loaded with spare bits, enabling you to make a boulder club-wielding Dankhold Troggoth with a variety of alternatives. We’ll be showing you each in detail in the near furture.

And, there we have it. Truly, the Bad Moon has favoured us in this holiday season – and now all that waits, is to usher in the new year in a truly splendid fashion. If you want to know more about all the things we’ve shown here, keep your eyes on Warhammer Community, we’ll be bringing you the lowdown on the whole Gloomspite Gitz army, with breakdowns of the models, lore and rules so stay tuned and let us know which you’ll be adding to your army first over on our Facebook page.

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We’ve seen a lot of the Gloomspite Gitz over the past few weeks, and they were on show in all their glory at the Open Day.

(PS: did you know the first of these fungal loonatics are available to pre-order today?)


But these aren’t the only denizens of the Mortal Realms’ vast subterranean reaches emerging this year.

In the desolate reaches of Chamon, war is brewing – and there are rats in the pantry…

In Carrion Empire, two of the Mortal Realms’ most voracious factions – the skittering skaven and the ever-hungry Flesh-eater Courts – battle for supremacy amid the ruins of an ancient empire. This set promises to be a cracking way to start or expand either a Skaven or Flesh-eater Courts army, and also marks the debut of TWO brand-new Heroes – the Abhorrant Archregent and the Warlock Bombardier:


The former is a mighty mordant emperor, even more vicious – and regal – than an Abhorrant Ghoul King, while the latter is a demolitions expert armed with the Doomrocket – a weapon so powerful and dangerous it makes the Doomwheel look sensible.


This boxed set will be out soon – and we’re not stopping there. In the coming weeks, we’ll have even more exciting news on the way for Skaven and Flesh-eater Courts players…

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 This is a mega release for Destruction!

 So far as whats leaked and known,,there is likely several viable competative builds in this mix.Grots(of course),Spiderfang army,Troll army and one that is looking very interesting,,the all Squig army as Squigs will be battleline if the General is a loonboss.The Hero on Mangler will give squigs +1 to wound.

 Spiderfang will probably be the MW dealing army,,poison is buffed from the Bad Moon now to trigger on a 5+,,like the spider bosses ability,this coupled with a command ability on an Arachnarok Hero that doubles its venom ability will result in each successfull bite of 5+ being d3 x2 MWs.The base riders look to be the same price at 100 per 5 with a 60 pt break(I think it is) at 30 models.

 There is also talk of "soup" builds ,,point cost of battalions will decide how effective and if its possible.


 Hard to say at this point how much play the Endless spells will see,the cauldron looks usefull for a grot army,the Mushroom looks fun as heck to throw on a camped backfield objective.



 The army isint looking OTT in terms of power creep so far,,which is good.Though a block of 60 spear grots will cost 360,have a save of 4+vs shooting(5+ in combat) ,base hit of 5+(rr 1s if under the moon),wound on 2+ with 2" range weapons,,one attack each, though the Sporepuff fanatics can double that number of attacks.With the AoS 2.0 rules the low bravery will not be a problem at all as a player can save a CP to inspire them if needed.This should put them on par at least with other horde battleline units,,buffed they should be on the power level of skeleton blobs.

 The Squig based armies are looking solid as well with the new armored hoppers,these guys coupled with the Mangler boss should be an excellent flanking force with good speed and they now have flying!,,so yeah pile in over the top of the opponent for wrap.The regular hoppers can be annoying as well with their even greater speed and fly over effect reliably causing a solid amount of MW output,they do suffer with a 5+ save though,,however the army is priced right to present several threats all at once so theres that.

 The only downside stuff ive been hearing is that the Gitmob Grot stuff is being removed from the game,,this could spell the end(for now) of the Doomdivers,Catapults and Flinger models along with the regular grots..those warscrolls will probably remain in legacy though but without keyword support they may not find much use anymore.Need to see the tomb to confirm this.


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Models look great, but I have no faith in GW balancing AoS armies anymore after the Daughters of Khane. 

A note about Inspired Presence- you have to declare that during the Hero Phase and you can't use whatever else command ability your general has. It's not like 40K where you can just spend a CP and use the stratagem when you need it. Unless the new Goblins have that ability? 

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@Tamwulf I disagree with your DoK comment.  SCE and Idoneth are both crazy good and Nagash still owns a lot of armies.  Nighthaunt armies are pretty tough for me to fight.

Is there an F.A.Q. update.  The current rules for inspiring presence is that you use it at the beginning of the battleshock phase.  You dont declare the use in the hero phase.

The rule for using command abilities in the hero phase states if a command ability doesn't specify when you use it then it is used in the hero phase.  Again, inspiring presence specifies that it is used at the beginning of the battleshock phase.

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20 hours ago, Tamwulf said:

Models look great, but I have no faith in GW balancing AoS armies anymore after the Daughters of Khane. 

A note about Inspired Presence- you have to declare that during the Hero Phase and you can't use whatever else command ability your general has. It's not like 40K where you can just spend a CP and use the stratagem when you need it. Unless the new Goblins have that ability? 

Actually in AoS 2.0 you can wait to use it when you need it at the beginning on the battleshock phase. The command system got an overhaul in AoS 2.0. As long as you have command points you can use multiple command abilities during you turn.

And yes there are a few armies and units that can use some adjustments, hopefully in GH19 we will see some nice adjustments.


AoS 2.0 rules can be found below:


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