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Genestealer Cult in Progress

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So since my last blog entry was a little light on details, I decided to go into the nitty gritty of getting the Cult Baneblade together and painted in the most recent installment. It's a simple green baneblade, that used:

3 colors of primer

Over 26 colors of paint + two pigments

At least four different washes

Full details (including the epic paint chart below) at the blog!  



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I only found out about the Armies on Parade event a couple of months ago, so I sort of had to get the base work in high gear. Ended up going with the Cityscape Genatorium Sector as most of the base with a few extra bits added. While I didn't medal, I did take "Best Painted" - so overall I'm happy!


Front view - Iconward hoisting the colors over the Imperial Building loosely inspired by the Soviet flag raising over the Reichstag in 1945

Another view:


More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2019/10/armies-on-parade-uprising.html

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More cult goodness!  Finally got the Nexos completed along with the standard bearer for one of the Command Squads for the Brood Brothers detachment!

No photo description available.

The Nexos is one of the nicest miniatures I've put together. Fit is awesome, design is awesome. I build and painted it in pieces to get it just right

The Standard bearer took some work as I had to file out all of the detail on the flag, but I'm happy with the end result

No photo description available.

I'd been hoping to get both of these done for Armies on Parade, but hey - better late than never!  Lots more on the table... watch this space!

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