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OFCC Slaanesh WoC

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This list is a simple smash face list.


The only model that I still need to purchase is the war shrine everything else is painted and washed. This will give me the opportunity to go over the army and do simple hi lights to make the purples and magentas pop, completing the army.  Ive been playing lists similar to this for a while, the newest additions are the chosen, shaggoth, and war shrine.  


Ive always liked chosen warriors and I own the models so I might as well bring them out and see how they fare over the course of a 6 game weekend. Im bringing a block of 20 which I will run in a myriad of formations depending on the situation, main idea is ruining them wide, possibly 7-10 on a flank.  The war shrine seems like a fun element to play with and I hope will play to the strengths of a patient Slaanesh army that is hard to get many points out of. Shaggoth has been a fun addition in the few games Ive used him, he is a converted old metal giant on a 50x50, about the size of a shaggoth, so thats how ive been running him. I just push him straight at support elements on the flank to pull attention from my main force, he fails charges and whiffs like an oaf, but I guess thats just typical. 


2800 OFCC LIst


-Sorcerer Lord Lv4 Mk Slaanesh *lore of Slaanesh

Daemonic Mount, barding

Warrior bane

Charmed Shield

Dispel Scroll

Talisman of Endurance

Crown of Command

Flaming Breath

*goes with chaos warriors. 


-BSB Mk Slaanesh

Daemonic Mount, barding


Pendant of Slaanesh

Poisonous Slime

Soul Feeder

*rides with chaos knights


20 Warriors of Chaos Mk Slaanesh

Full Command, Standard of Discipline


Chariot Mk Slaanesh

Chariot Mk Slaanesh


5 War hounds, Vanguard

5 War hounds, Vanguard 


6 Marauder Horsemen Mk Slaanesh

Flails, Musician


20 Chosen Warriors Mk Slaanesh

Full Command , Halberds


10 Chaos Knights Mk Slaanesh 

Full Command, Ensorcelled weapons


War shrine Mk Slaanesh


Shaggoth x2 HW


What do you guys think?

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Thanks for the feedback all, thats what I expected. The list isnt a pushover but it really makes me have to "play" the game in order to be consistent with it,  not your point and click chaos army that has only a single purpose. This army tries to balance the aggression with a 3 medium point denial blocks that must be engaged and broken to earn points. The war shrine allows me to be more patient with the infantry and chariots while the knights and shaggy go cause some disruption. Magic will be important so I need to gamble with lighter spells and NOT MISCAST, the bound on the war shrine will help.

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