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Any interest from the forum for Warmaster? there has been an explosion in wonderful minis for the ruleset, both STL files for printing and regular models for purchase.

I would love to start an escalation league or some type of campaign and would happily take the lead roll in organizing it. I live down in McMinnville so looking to play in Salem or Portland.

let me know if any of you would be interested!

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Well, there doesn't seem to be too much interest but I’ll try and get some more love in the topic! I’m gonna link some sites that have some amazing 10mm scale minis and a couple good youtube channels to hopefully inspire you all!

First is the main website here you can download all the rules for free and find plenty of other great links



Great army miniature resources-

Excellent Minis- Almost all of the Armies you can field, available in 3d printed and the STLs


MaceFace- Norse models but only STLs


Printing in Detail- About the same stuff as Excellent Minis, but shipping is from the UK and they have bases you can buy


Trolls Under the Bridge- good chaos knights and evil minis


Black Gate Miniatures- Daemons and Ogres by the guy who runs the podcast


Magister Militum- Older 10mm Historicals great for Empire, Bretonnia, dogs of war and Araby


You can also find stuff on ebay and etsy as well as the main facebook group has lots of people that are making stl files for all sorts of armies!


Last are two great resources as well-

Warmaster Podcast, which is a great listen even if youre not really into the game (it also is an interesting retrospective on the flow of 2020 during the covid crisis) theyre pretty funny and got my interest in the game really peaked


The other great channel is Iainmstanding he has great overviews on all the armies as well as goes over each phase of the game in great detail.





I hope the mods can let me make this attache to the first post so it can be at the top!

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So I played a game of Warmaster earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I ordered a Warmaster army back in April without realizing the seller was in Russia, and I've been waiting for it ever since. Supposedly it arrive in New York on the 6th of this month, but hasn't moved since :sad:.

Assuming it actually does arrive, I would be interested in getting some games in, although I don't think I'd have the time to commit to a league.

Warmaster Revolutions is the "living" ruleset, and I believe that's what most people play.

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If it’s in New York, it’s probably just waiting to clear customs. That should only take three to four weeks.

Between Corona virus shutting down ports, the Suez getting blocked for a month, increased piracy in the Straight of Malacca and off the Horn of Africa, rising oil costs,and the ten thousand other little things that went wrong between 2019-2021, the whole trans-oceanic trade system is a total flustered duck right now.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but in Warmaster all infantry are mounted on 40 x 20 Wmm bases whereas all cavalry are on 20 x 40 mm bases, right?

Would it be super obnoxiously disruptive to gameplay to mount my models on 20 x 20 mm bases but use two bases per base (if you follow)?

This would make it a lot easier to have the models do “double duty” in Saga and Oathmark.

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3 minutes ago, offroadfury said:

Warmaster is 10mm scale and you’ll have to keep the 20x40 bases, or stands, as you remove these stands when you take enough wounds.

Right, what I’m saying is that each of my 20 x 40 mm stands would be made up of two 20 x 20 mm bases. So when I’d normally have to remove one stand I’d just remove two bases.

They’d have the exact same footprint.

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@Ish I think two games for one army is a great idea! The measurements for Warmaster are done on individual bases, and the bases can get into complicated arrrangements and irregular formations once they hit terrain and combat. It would be very good form to place your 20x20 squares onto thin 20x40 0.8mm bases with white glue before official games. What do others think?

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