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Getting back into it!


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I've re-written this thing like ten times, and I'm just gonna send it. I'm an old hand from a while ago. Been to a LOT of OFCC, been playing 40k for over 20 years. Through a combination of finishing a PhD (I DID finish it), getting a solid teaching job (also did that), and this little pandemic thing, I've kinda lost touch with 40k and for a long time lost my drive to play and build it. I also kinda pulled into my shell and shut out a lot of people, including the people here. OFCC getting cancelled two years in a row didn't help, as that was my lifeline with the rest of the world and this community. Now I'm stuck out here in Ohio still (though I have a very well paying teaching gig that will help me feed my plastic crack addiction), and I figured now's the time to jump back in and say hello to everyone. I've been keeping up with 40k, the rules, the armies, the balance(?) of the game, and I just wanted to put myself out there and say hello.To those of you that know me, hey guys, and those of you that don't, nice to meet you! I hope to make a nuisance out of myself in the near future!

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On 10/1/2021 at 8:22 AM, Xavier319 said:

It should yes, but nobody likes a braggart. 

I guess we'll have to settle for Professor Xavier then.

Welcome back! I can completely relate to the experience of losing all motivation for the hobby amidst the pandemic. Luckily for me, some friends pushed me into going to a small tournament a while back and it totally flipped the depression switch in my head. It's hard to remain positive when the things that should bring you joy end up feeling like chores.

The community can remind you what joy looks like if you let them!

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Good old Z Games. That was a fun place. I once played a game using my Chaos Marines against the owner's IG.


Whenever he shot one of his infantry missile launchers he would aim a large cardboard tube from his shoulder, look behind his back, and shout "Backblast area clear!" Just like I did with AT4s back in my Army days. It was hilarious!

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