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Guardians of the Galaxy Full Trailer!


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It's entirely possible.  Maybe the first wave, of decently written, don't use the dumb "I'm dead, no I'm not" crap that makes Marvel comics really silly.  I think I was just pulled into a lull, and now they said, "Hah!  We have you now."

Wait, so you're complaining that Marvel movies are like the source material?

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Also, the typical "I'm dead, no I'm not" is because the writers just wanted to use the character again. Rarely in the comics did it seem well planned out. For the movies, there was never a typical circumstance of that. Fury never died. Neither did Loki.


Now for the TV show...yes, Culson was dead and brought back in typical comic book style.


yet I agree with Pre...I mean, the others..I find it horribly ironic that you are complaining that the movies are following the comics.

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looks awesome - campy summer movie fun :D I can't wait!




also… I always saw the comics as soap opera… I grew up with a mom that watched her "stories or shows"… and well - comics are exactly the same thing lol.  Really, the story goes just like an old serial - made up as they go along.  Sometimes they back track and bring back old characters at the whim of writers or in the case of comics some artists.  But really its not like its a well crafted novel.  - I like my "stories"… just like my mom.  :D

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