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One week to go, so what do you have left to paint?


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I guess I'm just not good at last minute painting. It's taken me a month to do the two Stormwolves and about 5 dudes. I'm a slow and steady type dude.

I tend to do bursts, usually because of a Tournament or other event. I'll go months without picking up a brush, and then knock out half an army in three weeks.


If my quality were better, I'd look into painting professionally, because at my speed, I could make decent money, but I get frustrated and cut too many corners.


Got the Hounds and Kharne about halfway done. Shouldn't have glued Kharne's backpack on, that slowed me way down. On the other hand, the weather's good enough that I can get the last of the priming done here.


EDIT: Everything's primed!

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