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December 13th 2014 Tournament in Olympia WA

Lord Hanaur

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Forever Knight Games

Capital Mall in Olympia (so plan to Christmas shop afterwards!)

625 Black Lake Boulevard, Olympia WA 98502

CALL (360) 357-5000 to PRE-REGISTER



December 13th

See the schedule Below



Pairs Tournament, 1,000 points per teammate (2 per team, obviously)

Game System:  Warhammer 40,000

Space will be limited so pre-registration is recommended (seriously)



Because Forever Knight Games is kicking in SERIOUS prize support for this baby!

Also:  to encourage new players to play more!  After all, you work hard on your forces.  It's a good opportunity to test them out! 






Find a friend and bring them. It’s silly not to travel in packs and it's just flat unsafe, you know? Maybe bring two or three teams with you just to be sure.  Or ten.  When in doubt remember the golden rule:  More is better.


There are a few things that are bound to need attention so let me start right off:


A. $10 per person.  Yup.  This is to encourage more players to enjoy themselves and get three guaranteed games in, so it's just a casual tournament, mostly for fun.  But…  Prizes are going to be HEFTY, just in time for Christmas.


1. We are not using Stronghold Assault, nor Escalation rules for this particular event EXCEPT:

  • Aegis Defense Line (may include a Gun or Comms Relay)
  • Bastion (May include a Gun or Comms Relay)

We will be using 7th Edition.


2. You can use any official Codex or Codex Supplements that you can provide rules for to your opponent before, during, and after the game.  You are allowed one Detachment, which will be your Primary Detachment.


3. Forge World RULES will not be used.


4. When “time” is called, if the current round is not complete, you will return to the previous rounds victory condition total to see who won. You must complete the entire rounds events for the round to count. Rounds are over when the judge tells you they are over. If your clock contradicts that of the judge, the judges clock will be the one we use.


5. SLOW PLAYING WILL NEVER BE OKAY. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means that you intentionally slow down the game in order to avoid losing. Certain armies are like thundering hammer blows in the early going, but they take it in the shorts later on. Tau are a good example of an army that can be up by 6 KP’s before they start losing things...but they lose them pretty rapidly later. So if a Tau player was himming and hawing and generally going slow to avoid the loss, I would have no compunction about issuing a warning or even a Victory Point Penalty or simply exclude you from prize consideration. So, your best bet if time is running down and there may or may not be enough time to finish another round is not to sit around discussing it. Just mark what the current Victory condition totals are and play on. Then if the next round truly cannot be completed in GOOD FAITH, then you return to that previous completed rounds score as your final one.  This is to ENCOURAGE people to play, not DISCOURAGE.  We're not handing out solic gold statues, so play to have fun.


Prizes in General:

We will be raffling prizes.  If you win Best Sportsman, you receive two extra entries.  If you win Best General, you get two extra. If you win Best Painted as judged BY THE PLAYERS, not the judges, you get an extra entry.


Massive Prize Support is being given for this tournament by Forever Knight Games in addition to the entry fees.  So do not miss this tournament.  Like most of the tournaments I run, I plan to make it worth your while to come.


6. Bring your main rule book, Codex FAQ, Templates, Dice, objective Markers etc... so others don't have to loan you theirs.  Pro tip:  letting people borrow them is however good sportsmanship.  =)


Painting Requirement: 

We will not judge paint with a rubric, and we will not require painting.  It might make competing for Best Paint difficult buuuuut...  Goal here is maximum participation.  So.


Each player will inspect armies during our lunch break and name their favorite. Most votes wins. Tie goes to the person with the least number of wins. Makes it worth painting no matter whether you win or lose, don’t you think?  And did I mention that prizes will be awesome?


Other Stuff:

Make your life easy: bring a display board. So much easier to move armies about and display them.  Plus people like them. A plank or even a McDonald Tray is better than loading and unloading from a bag. Just a suggestion, not a requirement.




We ALL forget rules! There are a LOT of codex’s with many rules interactions and then there are FAQ’s that create another layer of possible discussion. In addition, the parallax effect can make us see things differently from one another on blasts and so on. Talk about it for a minute, look it up (The index works great) and if you cannot agree (and it happens), dice it off so you don’t get into a slow play situation. But if you feel like it is imperative to the outcome of the game, or maybe neither one of you feels sure ENOUGH to make a call on it either way, then call for a judge. Rulings are final until the tourney is over and will be the best attempt at correctitude we can make at the time. Sadly, we’re wrong sometimes. But if a decision HAS to be made by a third party, we’ll make it. Better that you ask before the tourney (see the schedule?) or you and your opponent settle it to continue having fun.




10:00 Registration. Pay up folks.

10:15 Announcements and repeating one self for those who didn’t bother to read this. Go over oddball FAQ questions, preferably with a focus on being cool to one another. Occam s Razor is the rule.

10:30 to 1:00 Round 1

1:00 to 1:45 Set your army up for inspection, vote on your favorite go to lunch!

1:45 Matchups announced, shuffling of armies

2:00 to 4:30: Round 2!

4:45  Matchups announced, shuffling of Armies begins

5:00 to 7:00 SPEED ROUND 3, Cause Champions go fast.

7:15  Prizes announced and Forum fills with joyous “what a great time I had” accolades,

7:30 After tourney Gaming to include...well any game you want. Cause it’s your time. Flames of War, War Machine, Warhammer...you name it, they have it at Forever Knight Games!!!

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Thanks for clarifying the missions.


Here's the noticed typos:




...Massive Prize Support is being given for this tournament by Ever Knight Games in addition to the entry fees...


...7:30 After tourney Gaming to include...well any game you want. Cause it’s your time. Flames of War, War Machine, Warhammer...you name it, they have it at Ever Knight Games!!!...



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I'm in! I can do 1k in Guard tanks easy. I mayyyy have 1k worth of Sisters do-able by then as well. While Sister SOB and Orks is a fluff nightmare it could be a solid combo...

I'd rather do Sisters + Guard if we're going that way.  Fluff matters too much to me.  IG + Orks doesn't bother me since my Orks are Blood Axe!

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