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Ordo Bowl Spring League Starting March 30th


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Ordo Fanaticus will be hosting a Blood Bowl league beginning March 30th and culminating in a one day tournament for the top 8 teams on May 30th. The goal of this league is to introduce new players to the game as well as provide a refresher for more seasoned coaches. If after reading the rules you have any questions please post them below. I will add answers to them in the FAQ section.




To register for the league you need to sign up for an OBBLM (online blood bowl league manager) account at www.ordobowl.com. We will be using OBBLM to report and track matches. Please use your same ordo account name when registering to make my life a little easier. After your account is activated please familiarize yourself with the site. While it is a work in progress atm, all of the important stuff is there. If you have any questions about how to use the OBBLM please check here (particualrly the portion starting with "Submitting Match Data" and below). 




Games will be played using the Competition Rules Pack also called the Blood Bowl Competition Rules. We will have some printed rules books on hand at the club. Please also read through the Clarifications section on the NAF website. 


Teams can be chosen from the Blood Bowl Competition Rules, The New Teams addition, as well as the Khorne Team from the Cyanide Blood Bowl game (info below). You will have 1 million crowns to buy your team.


  • Each team will play 1 game a week for 8 weeks. A week will be Monday through Sunday.

  • Points for each game will be rewarded as follows. win = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0

  • Games will be scheduled by the commissioner. You will have the entire week to get the game played. While the Ordo Games Nights are a great place to get your weekly game played, they do not need to be played there. Once the game is done you will update the information in the OBBL site. Games will be posted every Monday in this thread and on the Blood Bowl  website;  as well as updated league standings.

    • If a game is not completed during the week, 2 things can happen:

      • Both players unavailable will lead players receiving points as if the game was a TIE on the league standings. There will be nothing gained or lost on their rosters.

      • If one player was simply unavailable for whatever reason they will count as having conceded the game. Rules for this can be found on page 29 of the rules.

      • I am really hoping this does not come up much. I will be as flexible as I can but I want to be fair to those who are committing to their games and getting them played on time.


  • FOOD: Players that bring snacks to share during game night will have the benefit of increasing their winnings from the game by 10,000. That means there is 80k in winnings available if you bring food every week!

  • If either player requests that a single set of dice are used, then both players will use one set of dice during the match.




The top 8 players will compete for the OBBL Cup. The date of the tournament will be May 30th. The tournament will consist of 3 rounds to determine the overall winner of the Spring League.


  • The tie breakers for bracket placement will be: first, total number of wins, second, Touchdown Differential, after that it will be a roll off.

  • If for some reason a player cannot make the event the person next in line in total points will fill their spot.

  • This will be a resurrection tournament played with the rosters as they were at the end of league play. There will be no advancing during the tournament. Players will have access to inducements as normal as well as any extra cash they have remaining.

  • Any players that start the tournament with the Miss Next Game status will have that removed. All other injuries will remain.






Q: When do teams have to be set ready by?

A: Please have your teams built and set to "ready" by then end of the day Friday March 27th

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I am going to periodically point out some of the great features of the OBBLM and why we are using it. Besides being a great way to track games and generate rosters of your team to print out (features I will discuss when we get closer to the start date), it has a number of plugins.


Today's Featured Feature: Wanted


The Wanted section, located in Plugins, is used put bounties on players who you feel need to die. Did a coaches Yeti single handily put your entire team in the hospital? Want to entice players to get some sweet revenge on that stupid Yeti? This is the section to do it! With the league allowing extra cash for bringing snacks to share, this is a great way to spend some of it! I personally plan to put out a bounty sometime during the league.


Collecting the bounty is simple. Once you complete the required task of killing that stupid Yeti, simply contact the League Commissioner (me) to have the funds transferred to your team. This is a fun way to get sweet sweet revenge on that coach who destroyed any hope of you loving the game of Blood Bowl. Lets face it, it is not Blood Bowl if you don't want another coaches player dead!

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I just signed up. Thanks so much to everyone who helped get me a demo game tonight, especially Burk who loaned me his team. 


Looking forward to it,



PS, they talked me into playing humans :)

If you need a human team, I have one for you.


Also I am going to bring down my orc team (and probably humans too if seth doesnt need them) and leave them at WOW for people to use as learning tools.

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Coaches have 1 week to get their teams into the system. go to www.ordobowl.com and sign up, get your team roster entered, and be prepared for some BLOOD BOWL!!!


To help people get their games in I will be available to open WoW on most Saturdays. Just let me know if you would like me to open the club on any particular weekend.

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If you need a human team, I have one for you.


Also I am going to bring down my orc team (and probably humans too if seth doesnt need them) and leave them at WOW for people to use as learning tools.

Thanks Burk, very generous offer. I am so excited to play that it has kick started my hobby juices and my team should be ready by Tuesday.

Thanks, Seth

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As we are getting closer to the start date I wanted to quickly lay out some times and places to play that will be available. Just make sure to schedule a time and place with your opponent.


Tuesday Game Night @ WOW - Generally open by 5pm. 


Saturday @ WOW - I will be opening up the club in the morning to early afternoon if someone still needs to get a game in. Let me know ahead of time and I will make sure to have it open at a specific time.


Sunday Game Night @ WOW - Raindog usually has the club open at 4pm. If he is not going to be opening it up I will.


Anywhere else - You could always get your game in at a game store, your house, or some back alley. Just make sure you have the data from your game entered into ordobowl.com by Sunday night so teams are ready for the next week. 

If you have any questions let me know. I am hoping that will provide ample opportunities for people to get their games played on time. 

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