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OFCC, Dire Avengers and Wave Serpents


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All of them (jk  :biggrin: )




Well, you are off to a good start by putting 10 guys in there, not the minimum 5 :)

I do wonder tho...if an Eldar dex drops next month, will Wave Serpents be an issue still...


But to echo someone else, I think it more depends on how many you are planning on bringing...

Yeah, I figured the first step was to get away from min maxing
I want to be pro active


3 - 4

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In general terms my list will probably look like




Fire dragons in WS


3 x 10 DA in WS

2 x 3 jetbikes

10 rangers

10 swooping hawks

Wraith Knight (cause he's pretty)

Night spinner


And I want to bring some broad sides because my team has nothing for fliers


This is my general concept, I haven't put any points to it yet

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I agree with this synopsis.  Definitely on the high end of lists by dint of being what it is, but not out of the question for OFCC.  4 WS + Wraithknight is powerful though, no doubt.  


Almost assuredly a 3, but not going to be DQed unless there's a radical drop in power level across all lists.  

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Not sure about it with broadsides, you're going to be going over typical OFCC stuff at that point IMO.  the lists sans broadsides appears fine, but even without min maxing you have 3 of the best units in one of the best codex and 1 of the best units from a different codex.  Just seems like you could do something different than broadsides for an eldar army to handle fliers.  

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not without spending money, and I'll refer you to my earlier comment of playing against worse at OFCC


Just because I had a negative experience in a game, or felt that certain people may have had their lists rated softer than they should have been rated because of Good ol boy networks does not mean I should let that experience color how I approach OFCC.  I am going to get 5 great games with great guys and further community support.  I am responsible for me, and if I were a team captain, them as well.  Saying "I don't see a problem with bringing a hard list, because I've seen others bring a hard list" only serves to build a sense of entitlement that I personally would rather not see at such events.  Save that for LVO, OFCCO, NOVA, etc.


No offense intended, man.  Honestly, I think there shouldn't be a LRC, everything should be available.  I think the Hard vs Soft lists would sort themselves out pretty quickly.  Maybe have the LRC just for First round match ups.  if people aren't playing for prizes, letting the Hardcore players play Hardcore shouldn't have an effect on the rest.  I don't know if that makes any sense outside of my head.

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not without spending money, and I'll refer you to my earlier comment of playing against worse at OFCC


OK, well, let me preface this by saying 2 things.


1.  I know you personally, and I know you are a great person and also the consummate sportsman.  I know you legitimately seek to give your opponent a good time (last year on my team I know for a fact that you pulled off the gas on two games to make them more fun).  Essentially, I authoritatively know you are not a dick.


2.  I know that the "ideal of OFCC" is so freaking arbitrary and seemingly hypocritical at times.  Certain lists get in that shouldn't sometimes, and power levels fluctuate sometimes together or sometimes only from various corners.  Getting 80 gamers to agree on ANYTHING is seemingly impossible.  Me sitting here and pontificating on the benefits of the event is silly and pointless and probably also hypocritical.  


Both of those being said, I really think that 4 wave serpents, a wraithknight and broadsides is too much for OFCC.  Last year, probably the apex of power levels that I've seen (my opinion of course), I wouldn't have let that list pass.  There were a couple WS+WK lists (Tycho's played one IIRC) but nothing that ALSO had broadsides.  


I really and truly understand the financial implications of things like this, trust me.  I am rolling with second hand and straight up GIVEN TO ME models.  I'm super poor.  So, trust me when I understand that being constrained by models is a problem I understand.  

Again, that being said, perhaps there's ways of adding points to the other models without having to add models?  Go all out on the upgrades on the wave serpents?  Buy essentially worthless updates to units, like making the rangers pathfinders?  


Anyway, perhaps post the models you have and lets see what we can slap together?  

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